Working with us


Once the construction and fitout is finished, and all furniture and fittings delivered, our interior design services centre upon styling.

We will dress and furnish the completed fit-out using art, sculptures, linens, floral displays, tapestries, dinnerware and a range of other interior products to provide the finishing touches to your design.

This final stage of work is absolutely critical to the success of the overall project and to your own happiness with the end product. It is the finessing and adding of finishing touches to the fully realised design, and the completion of the vision that we explored together during our very first meetings at the outset of the process.

Interior Design

Our interior design services transcend the expected – we strive to exceed your expectations by infusing every part of your interior design project with creativity and style.

We work with you to unlock your property’s potential while improving the flow and functionality of the space, ensuring every detail works in harmony with the next.

Interior Architecture

At Callender Howorth, we design for residential and commercial sectors, creating exceptional apartments, houses and offices worldwide.

Our interior design services are diverse and include interior architecture, interior design, furniture and lighting design.

Design and Build

As part of our interior design service, we select and bring together the team who will deliver the full project to completion, managing a tendering and procurement process that ensures maximum value, exceptional quality of materials and exemplary craftsmanship.

We project manage all construction and oversee production of any bespoke interior design processes and contracts for custom furniture, furnishings, fittings or specialist supplier.

Throughout the entire project build, from fabrication to construction to fit-out, we closely monitor all contractors and suppliers and carry out regular site visits, ensuring that clear quality checks are in place at every stage of the process. We work closely with all disciplines involved in the construction phase to ensure that the critical path to completion remains clear and crucially that the project delivery continues to be achieved to time and budget, keeping you regularly informed of progress and key milestones.

Concept Agreement & Detailed Design

There is an opportunity for final tweaking and detailed review before the look of the project is fully defined and agreed.

We use your feedback to refine the design ideas we have developed into a single unified concept and design scheme for your sign-off.

The result is the production of a single set of detailed designs, including reference images, elevation drawings, layout plans, agreed furniture, finishes and material palette, and a comprehensive set of computer generated drawings. This detailed design then lets us finalise the scope of works and construction project plan, and to manage the procurement process that follows.

Concept Designs

We will develop early ideas by presenting you with a range of practical examples and references.

These may include visual scrapbooks, site visits, and palette ideas for construction materials, colours and fabrics. We’ll also introduce ideas for furniture and styling, and explore layout through detailed sketches and illustrations, 3D modeling, elevations, and computer-generated walkthroughs.

Ongoing discussion and feedback from you is especially crucial in this consolidation phase of our interior design services, bringing together our shared ideas into practically workable examples and a defined strategy that will guide the remaining phases of work.


Developing trust, sharing ideas, and establishing a positive connection to you and the project at hand through open and friendly discussion is the starting point for any project we carry out.

During the briefing stage we will have a series of exploratory conversations, listen carefully to your ideas, inspirations and practical requirements, and begin to introduce our own responses and suggestions by showing you a range of visual references and examples.

The briefing phase allows us to sketch out and communicate to you our initial design concepts, articulating a shared vision for the project. It’s relaxed and informal but always structured to ensure we move forwards in developing a clear initial project plan. It is also a time to respond to any questions and concerns you may have about the process, and to root out any practical considerations or issues that will affect the planning.