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The season of glamour on the French Riviera

The season of glamour has descended upon the French Riviera as the Cannes Film Festival takes center stage.

Drawing in celebrities, journalists, and fans from LA to Singapore, the red-carpet city of Cannes is outfitted to the nines! Hotels along the Croisette create movie-themed luxurious indoor/outdoor lounge spaces to welcome A-listers, film producers, and filmmakers during the festival. 

As interior designers, we are always drawn to new fabrics, patterns, and inspirations for our clients and the Cannes Film Festival has no shortage of inspiration!

The lobby of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes reopened in 2023 after a 2-year-long renovation. Image @amaurylaparra.

Glamour fish scale pattern in the lobby of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

Beautiful fish scale pattern. Image by Carlton Hotel.

Chandelier at Bar58 at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

Venini chandelier with Murano glass droplets at Bar58 at the Carlton. Image by Carlton Hotel.

Style is all the rage and it is normal to catch glances of designer fashion couture floating down the Croisette to the Palais and across the red carpet.

Some celebrities opt for outrageous glam, while others keep it simple and classy. This year, Palm d’Or honoree Meryl Streep stole the show in a white power suit, bold blue and white striped shirt, and of course her chapeau. Very French. Very French Riviera. 

Meryl Streep on the French Riviera at the Cannes Film Festival.

The 77th Cannes Film Festival Palm d’Or honoree actress Meryl Streep.

Luxurious Pampering

Between all the parties and film screenings, some guests seek a bit of peace and self-care.

The Dior Spa gazebo set in the lush prestigious grounds of the Eden Roc hotel in Cap d’Antibes is the perfect setting to restore energy from the film festival. Quintessential blue and white mariner stripes are a favorite, even for one of Cote d’Azur’s most prestigious and luxurious hotels.

The Gazebo at the Dior Spa at Hotel Eden Roc in Cap d’Antibes.

Style reigns supreme

Minimal luxury fashion, maximal luxury style? Or just a simple polo shirt with a chapeau left over from the Monaco Rolex Tennis Masters in April? Certainly, hats are synonymous with French Riviera style because of the touted 300 days of sunshine a year!

It’s all about style on the French Riviera. The film festival is the designer barometer for some of the season’s latest looks and themes certain to appear through the spring and summer seasons. 

Thus the season begins with new lines, fresh colors, head-turning necklines, and bare backlines. But don’t forget statement shoes ( with a pair of flats in your handbag), designer beach bags, and sun hats! 

Anya Taylor Joy arriving at Nice airport for the film festival. Image @TomLorenzo

Lunch and sun at the beach clubs

The beach clubs are outfitted with the latest outdoor furniture collections to host private lunches and soirees. The window displays of the boutiques sparkle with their best designer looks of the season and all the restaurants are buzzing with champagne flowing.

La Reserve a la Plage in Pampelonne Beach in Ramatuelle.Image by La Reserve.

La Reserve a la Plage. Image by La Reserve.

The energy in Cannes is electric and eclectic!

The party continues at the Monaco Grand Prix

Towards the end of the film festival, the party moves over to Monaco to its most famed event the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. It’s always so impressive to see how Monaco transforms into a high-speed racetrack because all the hairpin turns are within the tiny area of 2.08km2! 

The most stylish place to watch the F1 is on the terrace of Louis XV at the Hotel de Paris in the Casino Square in Monte Carlo.

The terrace of Louis VX is ready for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Image @société des bains de mer-monte-carlo

And glamour continues…don’t forget your hats!


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Design for a Better Tomorrow at Milan Design Week

One of the most anticipated events in the design industry, Milan Design Week is one of our favourite design events, and this year our design team will be heading to the 2024 edition promising to be even more spectacular than ever. 

Showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and creations in the design industry, we can see how Milan Design Week continues to push boundaries and inspire awe in each edition. This year expectations of cutting-edge technologies, sustainable designs, and immersive experiences that redefine the way we perceive design will be at the forefront as our fast-changing world engages in the effects of climate change.

Design for a Better Tomorrow

The theme for Milan Design Week 2024 is “Design for a Better Tomorrow” reflecting the growing importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness in the design industry. Our award-winning design team looks forward to viewing new designs in eco-friendly furniture and recycled materials, energy-efficient architecture, and smart cities.  As a major indicator of trends in design, Milan Design Week 2024 will demonstrate how design can be a powerful tool for positive change.

Into the Portal we go!

Highlighting Milan Design Week 2024 are the exhibitions of futuristic technologies and concepts. One highly anticipated installation is the ‘Thinking Room’ by filmmaker David Lynch. Visitors will follow a pathway through a series of Lynch’s films that Lynch creatively postulates as a portal into another dimension.

Our curiosity is piqued!

Thinking Room by David Lynch

Brutalist for our Bottoms?

Over in the Porta Venezia Design District in the Palazzo del Senato the much-anticipated Formation 02 smart toilet by designer Samuel Ross for Kohler. Touted as more of a sculpture, we look forward to seeing the brutalist design intended for our bottoms!

Formation 02 Kohler Smart Toilet

A time to Think Different

Over at the Superstudio Piu, the theme Thinking Different will present adventurous and artistic designs directed by Gisella Borioli and Giulio Cappellini. We have our eyes ready to experience the glass design installation by Designblok Cosmos.

Slow Hand Design Thailand by DITP @ Superdesign Show

Designbok Cosmos

As our luxury interior design services have expanded internationally in the last couple of years to Los Angeles, N, Paris, and the French Riviera, we are focused on creating new international collaborations.

Milan Design Week offers our design team the best of interior design furniture, lighting, and fabric suppliers while providing real insight into industry trends and innovations.

A Mind and Body Approach in Color

As AI continues to evolve, this year is vital for designers to engage with all the new options that AI can provide. We are particularly fascinated to view Google’s Making Sense of Color Installation co-created by Google’s Vice President of Hardware Design, Ivy Ross, and her design team in collaboration with the arts + Chromasonic research lab.


Using Chromasonic Refrequencing which translates sound frequencies to light and light frequencies to sound, light is made audible and sound visible. What is interesting about this is that the 21 spaces are activated by a single source of light and spatialized sound. The guests experience a sensation of acute awareness of the connection between their body’s subtle movements and the movement of other people within the installation creating mind and body connection through light and sound. 

Opening the doors of two mansions

A must-see stop on everyone’s design week itinerary is the iconic Villa Borsani and Villa Bagatti Valsecchi where the contemporary design platform Alcova will present its 7th edition of “projects by designers, galleries, companies, institutions and schools in dialogue with extraordinary works of architecture”.

Alcova Villa Borsani, image by Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Alcova’s underlying theme of ‘living’ will challenge the visitor to consider the future of living within the aesthetic context of a historically rich yet surreal microcosm. Sort of like going back in time to your old self to connect with your future self.

We are looking forward to that conversation!

L’art de vivre

With our new projects in Paris, we are heading to see the editor of French wallcoverings and fabrics at the Casamance & Misia pop-up showroom in the Brera design district.


We have our eyes on Casamance’s timeless, noble materials and the variety of delicate textures such as their pride of their fluffy bouclette or 3D textures for spaces that require a bolder approach.

A dynamic duo pop-up with Misia’s haute couture textiles. These luxurious Italian fabrics will have our design team’s attention for our luxury renovation projects in Paris.

A showstopping showhouse

The quintessential epitome of Italian craftsmanship at L’Appartamento by Artemest will be fully dressed at the Showhouse in the stunning location of Milan’s 5Vie district at Residenza Vignale. Each room is curated by six interior design firms using Artemest’s renowned furniture, decor, and art sure to convey the authentic Italian craftsmanship we admire about Artemest products.

Artemest L’Appartamento

A romantic story at best, this mansion was built by a love-struck Austrian prince who wanted a Milan lifestyle.

As Artemest is one of our favorite suppliers we are excited to spend a moment in the thralls of beauty and Italian artistry: the kind of beauty that lured the prince to Milan. How fun!

The Light of A Thousand Landscapes

Inspired by a misty walk in October where Cristina Giopato and Christopher Coombes experienced being engulfed by the different planes of mist and light, the new Bruma collection in the gallery in Milan’s 5Vie district reflects the balance between density and absence.

Giopato & Coombes

Reminiscent of the mists that engulf London and Venice, the Bruma-A Thousand Landscapes installation is an evocative luminous composition of light excellence that Gipato & Coombes is noted for.

Their Flamingo Chandelier will also be present at Villa Borsani in the Alcova project.

Man the Maker

Touted as the Homo Faber (man the maker in Latin) of the design industry, Pietro Russo is an instinctual interior and product designer that explores deep conversations in art, geometry, light, science, and music out of his atelier in Milan.

Pietro Russo

The definition of Homo Faber is the human being as the maker or creator. Apropo to the definition Pietro translates his emotions with his hands into meticulously crafted unique pieces.

We love one-of-a-kind aspects of pieces that offer a story into the dialogue of the spaces we design.

Milan Design Week 2024 is set to be a milestone event in the world of design as it will give us a glimpse of where we are headed. Certainly, with its focus on sustainability, technology, inclusivity, and innovation, this edition will shape the future of design and inspire a new generation of designers. 

If you are planning to attend, we would love to see you! Contact us at info@callenderhoworth.com.



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A Day of Luxury Interior Design Sourcing in Manhattan

As Callender Howorth has taken off in the last few years in the US, we love working in Manhattan and Los Angeles, especially for sourcing.

Manhattan, the heart of New York City, is a treasure trove of luxury interior design shops and showrooms. For those seeking to elevate their living spaces with exquisite furnishings and accessories, a day of interior design sourcing in Manhattan is an experience like no other. From iconic design stores to high-end boutiques, Manhattan offers a wealth of options to fulfill your aesthetic desires. Join us on a journey through the city as we explore the world of luxury interior design sourcing.

Morning Interior Design Shops

Begin your day in the bustling neighborhood of Chelsea at The Future Perfect, a residential concept design gallery that showcases cutting-edge designs from emerging talents. Discover unique and artful furniture designs housed in the five-story St Luke’s Townhouse built in 1901. Limited editions and rare pieces fill this thought-provoking space of residence and gallery. Truly inspiring. 

Worth venturing off to Matter in lower Manhattan.


This gallery and showroom is renowned for exclusively curated national and international designs and is renowned as the place where you gain a tangible grasp of where the design market is heading.

Afternoon Interior Sourcing Visits

As the day progresses, make your way to the Flatiron District, home to a mix of design stores and interior design studios. Stop by ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway, a multi-level emporium that offers a curated selection of furniture, rugs, lighting, and home decor. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of beautifully designed showrooms and let your design visions run wild.

For a more personalized touch, seek out BDDW in SoHo, a luxury furniture boutique known for its handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. Immerse yourself into the animated world of Taylor Hay’s artisanal craftsmanship and appreciate the attention to detail in every exquisite creation.

Among his A-list clientele of presidents, Hollywood celebs, and rock stars, you will find a playful pioneer sensibility rooted in handmade authenticity.

The Invisible Collection Townhouse in the Upper East Side is a must-stop on any interior design journey in Manhattan.

The Invisible Collection in Manhattan’s Upper East Side

This beautifully continuously curated two-story townhome is one of our favorite stops as they also encourage younger artists. The airy and heartwarming space feels inspiring and nourishing.

Afternoon Tea in Manhattan

A shopping experience in Manhattan cannot be complete without a proper afternoon tea at the iconic Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue. The light fare, crafted cocktails, and the beautiful ceiling-high trees inspired by Central Park make this luxurious afternoon tea experience a must for a perfect day of interior design shopping.

Palm Court, Plaza Hotel

But what is shopping in Manhattan without a stop at the famous blue box of Tiffany’s?

The Blue Box Cafe is another afternoon tea favorite where you are immersed in Tiffany’s signature blue box-themed cafe. Very fun and very Sex in the City!

Blue Box Cafe, Tiffany’s

Evening Luxury Interior Shops

As the sun begins to set, head to the Upper East Side, where you’ll find the flagship store Jonathan Adler. An eclectic and contemporary furniture design boutique that showcases an eclectic mix of artful modern designs. Admire the sleek lines, luxurious materials, and innovative designs that define Jonathan Adlers distinctive inspired way of living.

Jonathan Adler

If you are looking for a unique luxury antique, John Salibello in Lenox Hill is known in NYC to have the most eclectic collection of luxury antiques and mid-century lighting. This is a great place to find a showstopping conversation piece as well as a treasure trove of interior inspiration.

A day of luxury interior design sourcing in Manhattan is an aesthetic adventure of iconic design stores to high-end boutiques. Explore the diverse neighborhoods, immerse yourself in the world of luxury furnishings, and let your imagination soar as you envision your dream home taking shape. Embark on this journey and discover the perfect pieces that transform your living spaces into havens of elegance and sophistication.

Our design team at Callender Howorth is delighted to help you with your next interior design project in Manhattan.

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Best Places for an Aesthetic Ramble in Paris

There is Paris for the tourists. There is Paris for the romantics. There is Paris for the artists. 

But if you are looking for a meaningful and experiential dialogue with the enchanting capital of France,  the best way to immerse oneself in the captivating story that is Paris is to flaner in french, meaning to stroll or ramble.

Through our creative interior design lens, we curated a list of the best places to experience what we call an Aesthetic Ramble. A way of engaging the different narratives from the combined view; the tourist, the romantic, and the artist. 

Paris is an iconic place with an undeniable storied culture based on beauty whose melody of the joie de vivre (joy of living) allures our minds and palettes to see it, feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, hear it, and savour each experience.

Intentional views for the Ramble; the tourist, the romantic, and the artist.

We chose the tourist lens because of the refreshing feeling of discovery, and the open-mindedness of curiosity accompanying the thrill of discovery, producing profound moments of appreciation through insights and inspiration. 

The romantic lens offers its rudimentary charm as the city of romance, captivating the hearts of both tourists and visitors alike. It is the red thread of love that lies at the heart of the special connection between Paris and Love, expressed through sublime gardens, winding streets, and hidden alleyways to the elegance of the Haussmannien buildings and quaint cafes…romance hangs in the ambiance. 

The artists’ lens captures the essence of Paris as a hub of art and culture. An embodiment of the soul of Paris piquing your senses to guide and transport you to seasons of influence through the aesthetic expressions by the artists, the creators, the curators, and the culinary alchemists.  

While there are endless opportunities to appreciate such an experience, we find the Aesthetic Ramble offers a memorable and compelling adventure to complement your joie de vivre. 

Cafe Marley

Cafe Marly      Image: Ale

An absolutely lovely iconic place to lunch, yet we find the tranquil mornings of Cafe Marly under the magnificent arcades with the view of the Louvre pyramids a perfect classy interlude to start the Aesthetic Ramble. 

La Samaritaine

La Samaritaine      Image: Office de Tourism Paris

Originally founded in 1870 by Enerst and Marie-Louie Cognacq-Jaÿ La Samaritaine is a temple of the Parisian art de vivire (lifestyle). La Samaritaine, located on the right bank of the Seine facing the historic Pont Neuf bridge, is the fruit of a complete transformation by LVMH after 15 years of being closed. 

To preserve the historical legacy of this 2 part building (The Pont side and the Rivoli side) Japanese architectural firm Sanaa was commissioned for the renovation while preserving its art nouveau and art deco and complimenting it with contemporary aspects.  

The morning is a nice time to appreciate the architecture and the impressive along with all of the 600 worlds ‘avant-garde” fashion, jewelry, and beauty to ramble through the love of beauty.

Musee de l’Orangerie

Musee de L’orangerie      Image: Sophie Crepy

Housing the permanent collections of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, theMusee de l’Orangerie is an immersive experience of impressionism, in Monet’s own words, an illusion of an endless whole, of a wave without horizon and without a shore”.

The Musee de l’Orangerie is a house of visual inspiration that incorporates events and performances as part of its cultural repertoire which moves our senses to the surface.

Maison de l’Amerique Latine

Maison de l”Amerique Latin        Image: Phillipe Ures Santamaria

Tucked away in the privileged gardens in Saint Germain, are two 18th-century private mansions the Hôtel de Varengeville and the Hôtel Amelot de Gournay that make up the Maison de l’Amerique Latine. This emblematic cultural gem is the official cultural and diplomatic meeting point for the Latin American community in Paris. 

The restaurant is set in the splendor of the French gardens adorned with beautiful art sculptures throughout as well as a yearlong scheduled agenda of exhibitions and cultural events.

This is a secret pocket of serenity in the middle of Paris where you can engage in the artful narrative between France and Latin America and enjoy a delightful lunch in the garden. 

Savoir-faire in form and fabrics: Dedar, India Mahdavi and Galerie Alain Ellouz

The decorative expressions through form and fabric give us the tangible context of creativity.  In designing decor, memorable objects, furniture, lighting, and art, there exists the dialogue between the artist and the work created. 

Alain Ellouz

Galerie Alain Ellouz

The beauty lies in the unexpected dialogue, an exchange so unique and formidable, magnetic because of its original and unchartered nature. This is the sensorial experience happening in the tucked-away ancient church of an Augustinian convent where you will find the poetic alabaster creations of Galerie Alain Ellouz

His creations are a visual exploration of nature and design that makes us feel alive and connected. 

Dedar Milano

Dedar Milano Showroom

True fabrics of society, textiles were ancient main economies from clothing to sails, bedroom linen, furniture covers, rugs, and wallcoverings. They were symbols of wealth as in the Renaissance with luxurious weaves of silk in elaborate tapestries and clothing that spoke status, tradition, and personal identity.

As textiles evolved into modern times into massive economies they still carry the same captivating signature of wealth and power. A visual allure found in the details. 

The Dedar Milano showroom in Paris is where you can touch and feel interwoven inspiration thread by thread.  The selection of contemporary, traditional, and innovative fabrics comes together in design and begins the art of the bespoke. And the mood of the room is revealed. 

India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi Showroom Image: domodeco

In a visual invitation we think about color and its psychological influence on our emotions and mood.  Artist India Mahdavi is a master craftsman of the art of revering the beauty of imperfection and bringing out its pure essence and function. 

Her atypical pieces infuses an eclectic pop with a dose of happiness.

Galerie du Passage

Galerie du Pasage Image: Galerie du Pasage

If you were to journey back in time through art, the quintessential experience of one of Paris’ most beautiful covered passages, Vero-Dodat galerie. The neoclassical decor dates back to 1826 and in this galerie of vintage Parisien charm you will find a treasure trove of art, object and photograph is housed in the iconic Galerie du Passage.

On two floors, the galerie is a revival of the art craft through its furniture and objects from the 20th century to modern times. In spirited connection to the artistic community the galerie holds art exhibitions with provocative themes from a variety of contemporary and traditional artists to fan the flames of inspiration.

The Deux Magots

Le Deux Magots Image: Paris Secret

On this aesthetic ramble that awakens our senses, there is one place, a mecca of creative literary influence in the legendary literary cafe The Deux Magots. An art deco cafe since1884 that claimed itself as the meeting point for writers, journalists and publishers. To this day it continues as a melting pot of hot chocolate drinkers and inspired writers whose prose aims to bring life stories to the surface.

As we continue our interior design projects in Paris, we will continue to share our curated lists of inspiring unique experiences that ignite our spark of creativity and the beauty of le joie de vivre.

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5 Contemporary Basement Conversion Ideas for 2023

Basements, often overlooked and underutilised, have untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. These subterranean spaces have evolved beyond mere storage zones and can be transformed into versatile havens, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. In collaboration with Crownwell Basements, a leading design and build contractor specialising in high-end basement conversions, we present five cutting-edge basement conversion ideas that redefine these underground realms. With the right vision and creativity, your basement can become a hub of innovation and functionality.

Crownwell Basements Callender Howorth1. Utility & Storage Redefined

Begin with practicality. Relocate your washing machine and laundry area to the basement, liberating space on your main floor while ensuring a quieter living environment. The surplus storage space can safely house luggage, seasonal gear, and even a safe or gun cabinet. Embrace the cool, consistent temperatures of the basement by creating a wine cellar or a sleek bar to escape the summer heat—a space that effortlessly combines function with style.

2. Family/Media/Games Haven

Maximise your basement’s potential as an entertainment hub for family and friends. Outfit it with a widescreen TV or a home cinema setup, gaming consoles, and a music system. For larger spaces, consider adding ping pong or pool tables. Repurpose vintage items for storage, install shelves for books and board games, and adorn the walls with art for a touch of colour. Create a playful and inviting atmosphere with comfy beanbags or classic armchairs, ensuring that your basement becomes the preferred gathering spot.
Crownwell Basements Callender Howorth

3. Wellness Oasis/Spa/Gym

Incorporate a wellness area into your basement sanctuary, featuring steam rooms, saunas, or even fully equipped gyms and swimming pools with underwater running machines. The naturally cool basement environment lends itself to creating the ultimate space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Ensure sound-proofing to optimise the gym experience, taking advantage of the basement’s concrete floors that absorb vibrations from exercise equipment.

crownwell basements callender howorth4. Study/Home Office/Library

Elevate your productivity by transforming the basement into a serene study, a home office, or a library. This versatile space provides an ideal setting for focused work, quiet reading, and organised storage for books and art collections. Escape distractions from the bustling household and create a defined workspace with ergonomic furniture, uplifting decor, and high-quality lighting, ensuring an environment conducive to concentration.

crownwell basements callender howorth

5. Guest Bedroom/Playroom

Convert your basement into a welcoming guest bedroom or a vibrant playroom. Modern decor, effective insulation, and ambient lighting can dispel the notion of a dark and unwelcoming space. Even small basements can be designed to feel spacious and inviting. A basement guest room is a valuable addition for accommodating family and friends, while a dedicated play area for kids offers a safe and entertaining space to explore and mingle. Features like chalkboard walls and rugs add fun and educational elements, keeping the rest of the house clean and organised.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your basement? Contact us to discuss your basement design dreams and embark on a journey of transformation. With over 25 years of experience, the Callender Howorth team is ready to deliver exceptional design tailored to your needs.

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Crafting a Family Home with Visual Geometry

In a world where architectural trends continuously evolve, certain artistic elements have stood the test of time. Stained glass, with its origins dating back a millennium, emerged as a profound symbol of the Gothic and Renaissance periods in Europe. Its radiant allure has persisted through the ages, adorning the world’s most iconic cathedrals, mosques, and cultural landmarks. This enduring art form continues to inspire, weaving a rich tapestry of history and creativity.

Amidst this historical backdrop, we embarked on a transformative journey at Belsize Lane in London, breathing new life into a detached house to create a luxurious family home. Our mission was to redefine the concept of a “cosy family home” by delving deeper into the essence of what makes a house truly special—a unique family story at its heart.

The family is an intricate tapestry of individual stories, woven together to create a shared narrative. The essence of a family home lies in these unique stories. With this in mind, we turned to the ancient art of stained glass as a source of inspiration. We envisioned custom stained glass windows that would not only infuse light into the space but also narrate the individual tale of the family residing within.

Collaborating closely with a skilled stained glass craftsman, we embarked on the journey of crafting these bespoke windows. Our client, an art dealer with a keen eye for aesthetics, actively participated in the development process. Together, we spent countless hours in the stained glass studio, meticulously translating our designs into this mesmerizing medium.

The transformation from graphic image concept to glass art is a captivating process. Every aspect, from how the glass interacts with sunlight to its night-time appearance, demanded careful consideration. The interplay of colours, textures, and the glass’s age all played a role in shaping these unique windows, which, in essence, became a distinctive art form of their own.

These stained glass windows became a tangible piece of the family’s story, casting their luminous glow across the home. They serve as a constant reminder of the family’s unique narrative and an ever-present source of inspiration. The joyous satisfaction in our client’s eyes upon seeing the results mirrored our own.

Visual geometry, a hallmark of religious and cultural buildings, has a subtle yet profound impact on our most intimate spaces—our homes. Its presence can be incorporated into interiors and exteriors in various ways, leaving an indelible mark on the ambiance.

By introducing geometric shapes, whether in a symmetrical or asymmetrical manner, a space takes on a unique energy of its own. From intricately designed floors and closets to geometrically inspired art pieces, lighting, and wall coverings, these patterns become a language that speaks to the individuality of the home.

Geometric elements infuse depth and character into a space, creating an energy that is unmistakably unique. Even in minimalist designs, geometric shapes can be applied discreetly, leaving a lasting impression that is both subtle and sophisticated.

Adding depth, intrinsic character, an energy of its own, geometrical shapes can be cleverly applied even in minimal designs while remaining understated.

As in the case of religious or cultural buildings, visual geometry quietly captivates and keeps us connected to our most personal intimate space, our home.


Embracing Contemporary Trends in Stained Glass:

Incorporating current trends into the art of stained glass can elevate the timeless beauty of this craft to a new level. Here are some contemporary trends that have found their way into modern stained glass designs in 2023:

1. Minimalistic Elegance: While traditional stained glass often featured intricate patterns and detailed scenes, contemporary designs embrace minimalism. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and simplicity are at the forefront. This trend complements modern interior aesthetics and creates a sense of spaciousness.

2. Nature-Inspired Themes: Many homeowners today seek to bring the outdoors inside, and stained glass can play a pivotal role in achieving this. Nature-inspired motifs such as botanical patterns, birds, and landscapes are gaining popularity, infusing homes with a sense of tranquillity and connection to the environment.

 3. Abstract Expressionism: Abstract stained glass designs are captivating audiences with their free-flowing forms and vibrant colours. These pieces often convey emotions and evoke thought-provoking sensations, making them a unique addition to contemporary interiors.

4. Sustainable Materials: Environmental consciousness is a growing concern, even in the world of stained glass. Contemporary artisans are exploring sustainable materials and techniques, incorporating eco-friendly practices into their creations.

5. Fusion of Art and Technology: Advancements in technology have opened up exciting possibilities for stained glass. Interactive pieces that respond to light or touch, as well as designs that incorporate LEDs for dynamic lighting effects, are pushing the boundaries of this traditional art form.


Visual Geometry: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Expression

Visual geometry remains a cornerstone of stained glass design. Whether it’s in the form of intricate patterns, symmetrical arrangements, or abstract shapes, geometry is a timeless language that continues to captivate. By merging the enduring elegance of stained glass with contemporary trends, homeowners can create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also reflective of their personal style.


In the same way that stained glass has a timeless allure in cultural buildings, visual geometry adds an enduring charm to our personal sanctuaries—our homes. It is a reminder that amidst the ever-changing trends of architecture and design, some elements endure, weaving a connection between the past, present, and future.

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Unleashing the Creative Process in Interior Design 

Interior design is an art form that breathes life into spaces, transforming them from mere structures into personalised havens. Behind every stunningly designed interior lies a dynamic journey in the creative process that combines intentional imagination, inspiration, and expertise.

The intricacies of the creative process in interior design unveil the steps we as designers undertake to craft remarkable spaces that effortlessly reflect individual style, functionality, and lifestyle.

Listen to our latest interview on Monaco’s Riviera Radio where Mark Howorth talks about the creative journey and our latest project in Saint Tropez.

A Mindful Exploration and Inspiration

The creative journey in interior design begins with exploration with our clients. We as designers immerse ourselves with our clients in various sources of inspiration, such as magazines, online platforms, art galleries, and even nature.

Old vacation photos, instagram profiles, and favourite experiences help us define what environments they appreciate to be in, even Burning Man!

Photo by D.Milo, Burning Man 2023

This stage enables us to gather ideas, observe emerging trends, and visualise possibilities. During this phase, we actively seek inspiration from diverse cultures, colors, patterns, textures, and architectural styles.

Concept Development

Once we are clear on the inspirations, we begin to develop a concept that will guide the design choices. We carefully consider the purpose of the space, our client’s preferences, and any existing architectural elements.

This stage involves brainstorming ideas, sketching preliminary designs, and creating mood boards to capture the desired atmosphere or theme. Concept development lays the foundation for the entire design process.

Space Planning and Layout

Space planning is a crucial element of interior design, ensuring that every square inch is optimised for functionality and flow. We analyse our client’s needs, considering factors such as traffic patterns, furniture placement, and architectural constraints.

This stage involves creating detailed floor plans, determining the placement of walls, doors, windows, and assessing lighting requirements. Space planning aims to strike the delicate balance between aesthetics and practicality. Our 3D modeling allows our interior architectural team to prepare highly detailed renderings so our clients can have a clear understanding of what their home will look and feel like. 

Material Selection and Colour Palette

Materials and colours play a vital role in shaping the ambiance and character of any interior space. Our team of designers carefully selects materials, fabrics, finishes, and textures that harmonise with the overall concept. 

We don’t follow a house style because each of our projects is bespoke to truly reflect the unique personalities and lifestyles of our clients. 

In sourcing our materials we consider the durability, sustainability, and maintenance aspects of each material even vintage and heirloom pieces. 

We create colour palettes essential to evoke desired emotions and create visual harmony. Our design team skilfully combines colours, ensuring they complement each other while reflecting the client’s personality and desired mood.

Furniture and Accessories

The selection of furniture and accessories brings the design concept to life. We consider the scale, proportion, and style of each piece to create a cohesive and visually pleasing arrangement.

India Mahdavi armchair

India Mahdavi Bishop ceramic

Elitis Fr wallpaper

Porta Romana ceiling pendant

Bella Figura table lamp.

Attention to detail is paramount, as accessories, such as artwork, rugs, lighting fixtures, and plants, add the final touches that elevate the overall design.

We also work with our suppliers for truly bespoke pieces some of which are designed by our team in collaboration with the supplier. 

Implementation and Execution

The final stage of the creative process lies in the execution of the design. We collaborate with skilled craftsmen, artisans, and contractors to bring their vision to reality. Effective communication between all parties involved is crucial to ensure seamless execution. Regular site visits, quality control, and attention to detail are essential to address any challenges that may arise during the implementation phase. Through our project management, all aspects of implementation and execution are monitored and transparently communicated to our clients. 

The creative process in interior design is a dynamic journey where intentionality marries imagination, inspiration, and expertise. It is an intricate blend of exploration, concept development, space planning, material selection, furniture arrangement, and flawless execution. 

As interior designers, we covet this creative journey with our clients to create their legacy with a lasting impact. 



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What Are the Top Five Lighting Design Trends for 2023

Lighting design is a dynamic architecture field vital in creating our living and working spaces’ ambience, functionality, and aesthetics. As technology advances and design sensibilities shift, new lighting trends emerge, offering fresh perspectives on how we illuminate our environments. In exploring the top five lighting design trends, we delve into the captivating world of innovative luminosity. 

From sustainable solutions that embrace energy efficiency to the integration of smart lighting technology that grants us unprecedented control, as well as a vintage comeback, these trends are transforming the way we perceive light and influencing the essence of modern interior and exterior design.

HIGH RES - INCANDESCENT interior lighting

LED Lighting

With growing awareness of environmental issues, the prominence of energy-efficient lighting solutions has surged. LED technology has taken the lead due to its extended lifespan, reduced energy consumption, and versatile design possibilities. Love them or not, LEDs have secured their place and the importance of stylish, sustainable, and energy-efficient lighting has been a trendsetter and a favourite in the lighting sphere. 

In recent years, competition has unfolded among light bulb manufacturers to introduce energy-saving alternatives to the widely used traditional incandescent filament bulb. As a result, several manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge, now offering dimmable LED, black light, and high light iterations of Edison’s original incandescent invention.

In summary, LED lighting offers numerous benefits due to its energy efficiency, extended lifespan, and versatility in design. They consume less energy than traditional bulbs, reducing electricity bills and environmental impact. With a longer operational life, they require fewer replacements, reducing waste. Their compact size and directional illumination enhance design possibilities.


Smart Lighting

Incorporating smart technology into lighting systems has enhanced control and personalisation. This encompasses functionalities such as remote manipulation, dynamic colour changes, and the capacity to adapt lighting intensity according to time or activities. LED technology has solidified its presence, and now smart lighting controls are the imminent trend. 

The familiar dimmers and sensors are evolving with the help of smart technology. Wireless devices are considered standard, with smartphones and tablets commonly serving as remote controls for home lighting. However, lighting has transcended its traditional role. The refinement of Li-Fi, which employs light for communication similar to Wi-Fi, is currently revolutionising homes, shops, and indoor spaces.

Smart lighting offers enhanced convenience and energy efficiency. It allows remote control, adaptable brightness, and colour variations. Automated scheduling based on activities or time of day promotes comfort. Integration with smart devices streamlines control, reducing the need for manual adjustments. Overall, it optimises lighting experiences while conserving energy and reducing costs.

interior lighting

Biophilic Lighting 

The biophilic design represents a harmonious synergy between the natural world and the built environment, ushering the outdoors into our indoor spaces. In the realm of lighting design, this trend takes on a transformative role, as it seeks to infuse interiors with the serenity and vitality of nature for home lighting. Lighting fixtures inspired by biophilic design often incorporate organic shapes, hues, and textures reminiscent of the outdoors. These designs may mimic the dappled sunlight filtering through leaves or the gentle glow of a sunset, evoking a sense of calm and connection in contrast to high light.

Biophilic lighting supports human circadian rhythms by simulating natural lighting conditions, promoting better sleep patterns and overall well-being. The integration of this design philosophy isn’t merely aesthetic; it’s grounded in scientific research that highlights the positive impact of nature-inspired environments on mental and emotional health. Biophilic lighting’s ability to reduce stress, increase productivity, and enhance cognitive function makes it a compelling choice for spaces ranging from offices to healthcare facilities.

Embracing biophilic design through lighting fosters a sense of tranquillity and encourages a rekindled relationship with nature. It serves as a reminder of our innate connection to the natural world and its profound influence on our physical and psychological harmony.


Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting has emerged as a significant trend in interior design, captivating both homeowners and designers alike. This trend is fueled by the unique blend of functionality, aesthetics, and versatility that pendant lighting brings to various spaces.

One of the key benefits of pendant lighting is its ability to serve as a statement piece. These fixtures come in various styles, sizes, and materials, allowing them to effortlessly complement any interior decor theme.  Beyond aesthetics, pendant lighting offers practical advantages. Suspended from the ceiling, like chandelier lighting, pendants provide focused and localised lighting, making them ideal for task lighting in specific areas. 

Pendant lighting also excels in its adaptability. These fixtures cater to various lighting needs and preferences with adjustable heights and light intensity options. Additionally, the availability of dimmable pendant lights allows for creating diverse atmospheres, from bright and refreshing to soft and intimate, enhancing the mood of any space.

In open-concept layouts, pendant lighting can serve as a visual guide that delineates different zones within a room. This helps define each area’s purpose and creates a sense of coherence in the overall home lighting design.

One such installation of multiple pendants was carried out by Blackburn based design company Tyson Lighting. “We wanted to use the filament lamps in the scheme as we love the beautiful ambiance that they create. The warm glow that they give off really adds an edge to the surroundings and can be the difference between a good scheme and a great scheme” says Bunmi Fayomi the Commercial Manager at Tyson Lighting. “We love the quality of the Alchemist fittings and the combination with the Edison lamp really adds something different to the design”.



One of the standout trends this year is the resurgence of chandeliers, especially the smaller versions known as ‘mini’ chandeliers. Chandeliers have evolved significantly over time, and the compact ‘mini’ chandelier is swiftly becoming the preferred choice for lighting focal points, especially in smaller areas like studio apartments. However, there’s still a strong demand for grand and opulent chandeliers, catering to clients who are ready to invest more in creating a lavish atmosphere.

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Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting has captured the imagination of interior designers and homeowners alike, becoming a compelling trend that bridges the past and present. This can be attributed to the unique charm, nostalgia, and timeless appeal that vintage lighting fixtures such as lava lamps or refurbished spotlights bring to modern spaces.

One of the standout benefits of vintage lighting is its ability to infuse a sense of history and character into contemporary interiors. These fixtures often bear the craftsmanship and design sensibilities of bygone eras, creating a captivating juxtaposition within modern surroundings. Vintage lighting pieces tell stories of different eras, acting as functional art that sparks conversations and engages the imagination.

Vintage lighting’s adaptability is another factor contributing to its trendiness. These fixtures seamlessly blend with various design aesthetics, from rustic and industrial to traditional and eclectic. They possess a versatile aesthetic that integrates into diverse interior styles, bridging classic and contemporary design sensibilities.

Ultimately, the resurgence of vintage lighting signifies a yearning for authenticity and a desire to pay homage to the design heritage of previous generations. This trend isn’t just about lighting; it’s about preserving the past, celebrating craftsmanship, and creating interiors rich with character and depth. 

Garden Lighting Trends in 2023

Over recent times, the selection of garden lighting fixtures like bollard, path, step, and wall lights has expanded impressively. However, what’s truly transformed is the widespread integration of LED technology and its innovative applications. Nowadays, the focus is on setting the perfect ambiance and mood, establishing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor lighting has evolved into an art, prompting interior designers to take a keen interest in exterior lighting plans and garden layouts. This shift signifies the evolving relationship between design disciplines and the outdoor living experience.


How Can We Help

Callender Howorth is the place for those passionate about staying ahead of the curve in interior design and eager to explore the latest design trends. As a luxury interior design practice renowned for its expertise in creating breathtaking and trendsetting spaces, Callender Howorth is your partner in bringing your design visions to life. 

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design nuances, we are at the forefront of the design industry, shaping the future of interior aesthetics. To embark on a design journey that transcends time and captures the essence of today’s most alluring trends, reach out to Callender Howorth and let us guide you toward a world of elevated and timeless elegance. 

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Milan’s Favorite Drink

Welcome to the epicentre of creativity, innovation, and design excellence – Milan Design Week. Steeped in a tradition of architectural and artistic prowess, this annual event transforms Milan into a dynamic playground where visionaries worldwide converge to celebrate the intersection of aesthetics and functionality. 

As the global hub of design, Milan opens its doors to many exhibitions, installations, talks, and experiences that push the boundaries of imagination. From the prestigious Salone del Mobile to the buzzing streets adorned with captivating installations, Milan Design Week is a journey into the heart of design evolution, where each corner promises inspiration, discovery, and the harmonious fusion of form and concept. 

Embark on this exhilarating adventure, where design’s past, present, and future unite in a symphony of innovation, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to partake in this design pilgrimage.

While the Milan Design Week is scheduled for 16-21 April 2024, it’s a good time to revisit some of our past experiences and evoke the memories of Milan’s favourite drink.

Aperol Spritz

What Is Milan’s Favourite Drink?

Milan is known for its vibrant culture, fashion, cuisine, and the Milan Design Week. Some popular drinks we enjoyed during our last visit to Milan include:

Aperol Spritz: A classic Italian aperitif made with Aperol, prosecco, and soda water. It’s refreshing and often enjoyed before a meal.

Negroni: A cocktail made with equal parts of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. It’s known for its bitter and complex flavours.

Espresso: Italy, including Milan, is famous for its coffee culture. Espresso is an intense and concentrated coffee often enjoyed as a quick pick-me-up.

Caffè Shakerato: A chilled coffee drink made by shaking espresso with ice and simple syrup. It’s a popular choice during the warmer months.

Limoncello: While limoncello is more associated with Southern Italy, you can still find this lemon-flavoured liqueur in Milan as a refreshing after-dinner drink.

Wine: Italy is renowned for its wine production, and Milan offers a variety of local and Italian wines to enjoy.Chinotto: A bitter citrus soda that’s popular in Italy. It has a unique flavour and is often enjoyed as a non-alcoholic option.






Final Words

As the summer goes by, we have less than a year for the upcoming Milan Design Week 2024. The city’s streets will soon echo with the resonance of creativity and vision, from the awe-inspiring exhibitions that captivate our senses to the thought-provoking discussions that often ignite our intellect. 

Until we meet again on this grand stage of innovation, let’s continue to shape a world where imagination and design intertwine, creating a tapestry of beauty, functionality, and boundless inspiration. And, of course, enjoy some refreshing Milan drinks while we wait. Grazie mille, Milan Design Week – see you soon!

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California Design and Inspiration

West Coast Wonders

On a recent trip to Los Angeles to visit two of our newest interior design projects in Ojai and Laguna Beach, we found LA brimming with design inspiration and fabulous sourcing. 

Unlike our other projects in London and the French Riviera, California holds its own melting pot of creative energy threaded throughout its laid-back yet chic lifestyle.

We are California dreaming!

Listen to our latest interview on Riviera Radio where Mark Howorth expands on our new projects in California.

The first interior design project is set in the serene sleepy landscape of Ojai just between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Ojai is renowned as a Shangri-la of well-being, spirituality, and art infused with earthy organic energy.

From a design point of view, we are looking to create an effortless interior reflecting the serenity and understated sophistication of this slow-paced affluent utopian town. 

The second interior design project is set in the vibrant beach town of Laguna Beach.

The breathtaking beaches with their crystal-clear waters, pristine sandy shores and rocky coves with year round surf sets the tone for this upscale coastal community. 

Famed for their thriving art scene largely due to the Laguna Art museum.

Originally opened by Edgar Payne in 1918, and their events and festivals, has culturally shaped  Laguna Beach as a prime address for an idyllic healthy sun-kissed lifestyle with uptown appeal rich with a storied art culture. 

@Laguna Beach House

For this project, our design team will draw on the essence of beachside living and a stylish coastal aesthetic design maximising the light of the warm California sunshine.

Sourcing inspiration in LA

Los Angeles is a melting pot of creative inspiration.

Melrose and the Pacific Design Centre are great areas for sourcing, we truly appreciate the American energy and service.

If you’re living in Cailfornia and are looking to make a transformational change to your home and lifestyle, get in touch with us at info@callenderhoworth.com