A Desired Lifestyle at Paris Design Week and Maison et Objet

August 11, 2021

We all carry certain notions of what our desired lifestyle would be and what that would look like. 

In its simplest definition, the word lifestyle means a way in which a person lives. This can include different types of domains such as the most widely used, healthy lifestyle, active lifestyle, bohemian lifestyle, independent lifestyle, wealthy lifestyle, and such.

The conscious choice of designing our lifestyle examines the fundamental principles of how we are choosing our habits, activities, desired experiences and connecting to others. 

As interior designers we are masters of the art of creating spaces that aligns all of these elements to precisely reflect the client’s intention. 

A theme of Desired Development

So then it comes as no surprise that this year’s Maison et Objet interior design trade show (September 9-13th) which is running simultaneously with Paris Design week, have adopted the theme of Desired Development to address the needs of an unprecedented time in our global human evolution where responsibility and ethos serve as the cornerstones of inspired design. 


While our desires for enjoyment and pleasure with social connection still stand as a tall order, our awareness of designs and concepts for products and spaces has evolved to a higher state of awareness for a conscious movement driving our desired lifestyle and development. 

Every single part of the way we are currently living, working, moving, interacting with, communicating, playing, relaxing, consuming, socialising, sourcing, educating, transporting, healing, governing, and designing are undergoing a deliberate exercise of being rethought out. 


We have arrived at a critical moment  in our human history where our preconceived beliefs about how we are supposed to live are being turned upside down to see how we want to continue living and the changes that would be required individually and  collectively to do just that. 

Marie Talalaeff – Sculpture


Simply put, we are now being given the challenge to adopt a new point of view into the unknown future which for some is quite frightening, but certainly is a portal into discovery, creativity, and inspiration if we embrace it. 

Changing our habits is one of the hardest skills to achieve because we are creatures of comfort. New thoughts and ideas about things in life that we are certain of and find safety in are the hardest ideas to consume. 


Our natural reflex is to resist and to stay safe in our known environments both internally and externally. But what if we allowed ourselves a small space of curiosity to enter, which is actually an impetus for opening our perspectives, thus making way for the newer versions of ourselves to enter.

A frighteningly exciting thought nonetheless, the kind of feeling one has when you book an exotic vacation to someplace you have never been, knowing that you won’t be the same when you return. 

La Maison Pierre Frey

This is where we are holding our expectations at Maison et Objet this year, to see the new versions of our future desired lifestyles and our place in them.