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For so long confined to utility spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and outdoor areas, the floor tile is now having its moment in the sun and it is now entirely acceptable to lay tiling in every room in your house, including bedrooms and living rooms. There are some fantastic designers to discover who are […]

As Christmas looms closer so does the prospect of New Year, and with that; new starts. Forget the fad diets and new running shoes that you’ll never use, the new year is all about new looks, more so; new trends. If you’re planning a well needed home renovation in the new year, why not start right at […]

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Kitchens are a fundamental part of home interior design. Not only are they a place to prepare meals, but they are also places to gather family and friends together. Kitchens are utilitarian spaces used for everything from cooking sumptuous dinners to providing venues to catch up on gossip while having a cup of tea with […]

luxury wardrobe design

Wardrobes are an essential element of any bedroom’s storage. However, just because they are practical does not mean they have to be boring; in fact, they can become the main feature in a room. From mirrored sliding doors to vintage armoires and walk-in closets, wardrobes offer more than a place to hang your clothes and […]

As night falls earlier and the evenings get chillier, we’re turning our attention to winter interior design. Fireplaces are arguably as much pieces of art as functional heating appliances in modern homes. They can blend in harmoniously or become an attractive statement piece in any space, but they are always a key element of a […]

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As a leading London interior designer, we at Callender Howorth are always on the hunt for the most inspirational looks when it comes to the world of decor. Whether renovating your kitchen or redecorating your bedroom, our designs are unique, creative and innovative in terms of styling. We look for inspiration in a range of […]

Zen Interior design

The concept of Zen originates in the Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism and relates to meditation, relaxation and acceptance of that which cannot be changed. In interior design, the Zen style focuses on creating peaceful energy and a positive atmosphere in your home. The design style has evolved from its Japanese origins to evoke a […]