A Time To Design Our Wellbeing

November 23, 2020

If there is any lesson that 2020 has taught us it is the absolute necessity to refocus our attention to our own wellbeing and to the wellbeing of others. 

Ever changing social landscapes continue to unfold around us as we refuge in the comfort of our homes, socially distanced from one another and learning to adapt during these uncertain times. At the forefront is our emotional engagement to ourselves and each other underlying the value of human connection while globally we all patiently wait to get back to our sense of normalcy.

Yet what we are witnessing is the unfolding of a subtle and organic paradigm shift to an era of conscious wholeness. A time where each of us is coming to recognise our collective impact, and thus creating a new model of sustainable living, personal habits and creative skills to assume our personal responsibility in moving forward towards a new future. 

Photo courtesy Broughton Hall.

A new path to a renewed connection.

More in demand than ever, people are seeking respite and healing by investing in long stay nature inspired retreats to enjoy a life of imbued wellness equipped with working spaces so that work can continue from a space of inspired tranquility and reflection.  

One of Callender Howorth’s newest projects, Broughton Hall, is just this kind of place. 

A historic wellbeing sanctuary in the English countryside of Yorkshire dating back to 1597 that has been under the custodianship of the Tempest family 33 generations for the last 900 years. 

Broughton Hall Estate

The serene nature of this 3000 acre property is idyllic for the restorative healing and the healing force for such transformational experience through its interconnectedness to nature.

As one of their driving core values, they have committed to reforesting the land with the planting of 350,000 trees this year and next year, with the ultimate goal of planting 1 million trees. 

With the intention of healing the land as a part of the collective healing process, they are working with earth energy expert Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne to identify the sacred energy points of this land.  

While steeped in English history, Broughton Hall Estate seeks a higher purpose through spiritual connection, healing and nature in order to serve the world in what they call an era of a “new humanity”.

Avalon Wellbeing Centre at Broughton Hall.

Their state of the art Avalon wellbeing facility serves as the peaceful hub of personal transformation, self-exploration and creativity.

Radiating the energy of intention from its very foundation, blessed energy crystals were symbolically placed in the building’s foundation when it was being built at the estate. 

Image courtesy of Avalon Wellbeing Centre at Broughton Hall.

Classes at Avalon Wellbeing Centre at Broughton Hall.

Avalon’s inspired idyllic setting for a sacred and life-changing inner voyage of mind, body and spirit is intended to serve a new way of conscious minded living through their customised private, corporate and individual retreats, classes and therapies and connection to the peaceful surrounding nature. 

Mark Howorth outside one of the estate cottages that will be renovated as part of this exciting project for Callender Howorth.

Callender Howorth Creative Director Mark Howorth explains, “Our aim with this restyling project for their holiday homes is to further elevate the naturally positive and emotional engagement of their spaces. We are really looking forward to consider lighting, organic fabrics and paint and repurposed pieces to transform these homes.  It’s all about making the interior reflect the ethos and energy of Broughton Hall….a fantastic design challenge.”

Transformation is the sign of the times.  

In addition to transformational wellbeing retreats, adventure zen eco-lodges are havens for those seeking wilder nature while new vacation themed platforms of hybrid cooperative work/play/live like-minded spaces are changing the traditional ways of living and bringing forth new ideas about how we want to spend our time. 

Workspaces are using biophilic design to connect people to nature.

Companies are transforming headquarters and buildings into incredible biophilic creative spaces and hubs intended to create a diverse and culturally rich experience intended to keep employees loyal and more productive. 

And lastly, even our own homes are changing into multi-use personal habitats with proper home offices, converted basements and attics into entertaining spaces and lounges, and our backyards are becoming extensions of living areas of our home with year round pool houses while gardens are extending inside with biophilic designs.

The pace of all these changes to how we live and work seems quite maddening, but underlying all this change is the driving core value of wellbeing.

A new narrative…

The thought of designing our well-being is indeed alluring and exciting.  But the truth is we are actually creating a unique personal narrative that begins the relationship between a person and the space. 

Image courtesy of Avalon at Broughton Estates.

The thought that these unique spaces can increase how good we feel, how we relate and connect to others, our productivity and an overall state of feeling well is impressive because of the positive impact we are contributing to in the collective sense. 

Can you imagine how the world would be with everyone feeling well and living up to their maximum potential? While we are far from that, we can certainly appreciate the fact that feeling well matters. 

This narrative is so powerful, meaningful and compelling, where one naturally calibrates to match the experience and energy of the space simply by being in it.  Our physical nature, psychology, sociality, spirituality and ecology weaves the fabric of this narrative that plays a significant role in our human potential. 

By infusing wellbeing in every aspect of the design, means we are attending to the inherent needs of raising our human potential required by this new conscious phase of our evolution.