Best investment areas in prime central London

Investing in Prime Central London: the 4 Best Areas

September 21, 2017

The prime central London property market is known for its grand Georgian freehold houses and luxury penthouses – many of which Callender Howorth has assisted in bringing to life with luxury interior design.

Investing in prime central London real estate is a savvy decision for those looking to capitalise on a market characterised by its resilience and growth potential. 

The allure of London as a premier global city, combined with a robust property market, makes it an ideal destination for discerning investors. Here are four top areas in central London that stand out for investment in 2023.


South Kensington

This neighbourhood is experiencing a vibrant phase of gentrification, transforming it into a sought-after location. It’s home to a diverse community, including affluent residents and artistic newcomers. 

The area boasts unique attractions like the Little Wormwood Scrubs and vibrant street markets like Portobello and Golborne. The ongoing regeneration projects, including 1,000 new developments by Catalyst, make it an area ripe for investment. Connecting three Zone 2 Underground stations adds to its appeal, providing easy access to central business districts.

The average price for all properties in this area is around £747,353. This figure further breaks down into an average of £675,769 for flats and apartments, based on 13 sales in July, and £980,000 for houses, from 4 sales in the same period.

property for sale in south kensington

The City of London

The city of London, known as ‘The Square Mile’, this historic district is a hub for business and finance. It uniquely blends Roman ruins, historic churches, and contemporary skyscrapers. Its cultural offerings, including St Paul’s Cathedral and the Barbican Theatre, along with an array of fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants, make it an attractive location for investors.

Properties in the Square Mile have an average selling price of £885,011. This central area, known for its blend of historical and modern architecture, offers a range of properties, predominantly in the form of flats and apartments in both low and high-rise blocks, providing ample investment opportunities​​.



This prestigious area is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Iconic streets like Oxford and Regent border it and offer low crime rates and many green spaces like Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square. Mayfair is a shopper’s paradise with top-end retail outlets complemented by a rich array of dining and nightlife options. The area’s cultural richness and excellent connectivity via multiple Tube stations position it as a prime location for high-end investments.

Known for its exclusivity and luxury, properties in Mayfair command a significantly higher average price of £3,501,043. This area, bordered by some of London’s most famous streets, is a hub for high-end shopping and dining, contributing to its premium property values.​

property for sale in Mayfair

St John’s Wood

Maintaining a village-like charm, St John’s Wood is a blend of prestige and tranquillity. It’s a stone’s throw from Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, offering greenery and serenity. Known for attractions like Lord’s Cricket Ground and Abbey Road Studios, the area attracts many tourists and affluent residents. The availability of quaint cafés and high-end eateries adds to its charm, making it a desirable investment location.

In St John’s Wood, properties sell for an average of £1,497,182. This price reflects the area’s village-like charm and prestigious status, with detached houses fetching an average of £3,837,500 and flats averaging £710,932

London Market Insights and Trends

1. Consistent Performance: London’s property market has historically shown steady growth in rental yields and capital values, with a 4% increase in property prices in the year leading up to January 2023. This trend is expected to continue, with a projected increase of 13.9% by 2027​​.

2. Resilience: Despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, London remains an attractive investment option. Its status as an international financial hub and the increasing demand for rental properties in central areas underpin this resilience​​.

3. Diverse Opportunities: London’s property market caters to various preferences, from new-build developments to period properties. New developments offer modern amenities and potential for capital appreciation, while period properties are sought after for their charm​​.

4. Foreign Investor Appeal: The weak pound, post-Brexit, has made UK property more affordable for foreign investors. Government initiatives like the Stamp Duty Holiday have further stimulated the market.

These figures illustrate the diversity and range of investment opportunities in central London’s property market, from more affordable options in areas like North Kensington to the high-end luxury market in Mayfair. Each area offers its unique appeal, whether it’s the historical significance and business centrality of the City of London, the artistic and gentrified atmosphere of North Kensington, the exclusive and luxurious environment of Mayfair, or the tranquil, village-like feel of St John’s Wood.

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The 4 Best Areas in Which to Invest in Prime Central London

How Can We Help With Properties in Prime Central London?

Investing in prime central London real estate presents a compelling opportunity driven by a stable and growing market. London’s economic strength, cultural richness, and diverse property options make it a prudent choice for long-term investments​​.

To explore the possibilities and benefits of investing in these prime locations and to envision how these spaces can be transformed into your ideal property, we invite you to contact the expert interior design team at Callender Howorth. Reach out to make the most of your investment in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.