Best Places for an Aesthetic Ramble in Paris

February 23, 2024

There is Paris for the tourists. There is Paris for the romantics. There is Paris for the artists. 

But if you are looking for a meaningful and experiential dialogue with the enchanting capital of France,  the best way to immerse oneself in the captivating story that is Paris is to flaner in french, meaning to stroll or ramble.

Through our creative interior design lens, we curated a list of the best places to experience what we call an Aesthetic Ramble. A way of engaging the different narratives from the combined view; the tourist, the romantic, and the artist. 

Paris is an iconic place with an undeniable storied culture based on beauty whose melody of the joie de vivre (joy of living) allures our minds and palettes to see it, feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, hear it, and savour each experience.

Intentional views for the Ramble; the tourist, the romantic, and the artist.

We chose the tourist lens because of the refreshing feeling of discovery, and the open-mindedness of curiosity accompanying the thrill of discovery, producing profound moments of appreciation through insights and inspiration. 

The romantic lens offers its rudimentary charm as the city of romance, captivating the hearts of both tourists and visitors alike. It is the red thread of love that lies at the heart of the special connection between Paris and Love, expressed through sublime gardens, winding streets, and hidden alleyways to the elegance of the Haussmannien buildings and quaint cafes…romance hangs in the ambiance. 

The artists’ lens captures the essence of Paris as a hub of art and culture. An embodiment of the soul of Paris piquing your senses to guide and transport you to seasons of influence through the aesthetic expressions by the artists, the creators, the curators, and the culinary alchemists.  

While there are endless opportunities to appreciate such an experience, we find the Aesthetic Ramble offers a memorable and compelling adventure to complement your joie de vivre. 

Cafe Marley

Cafe Marly      Image: Ale

An absolutely lovely iconic place to lunch, yet we find the tranquil mornings of Cafe Marly under the magnificent arcades with the view of the Louvre pyramids a perfect classy interlude to start the Aesthetic Ramble. 

La Samaritaine

La Samaritaine      Image: Office de Tourism Paris

Originally founded in 1870 by Enerst and Marie-Louie Cognacq-Jaÿ La Samaritaine is a temple of the Parisian art de vivire (lifestyle). La Samaritaine, located on the right bank of the Seine facing the historic Pont Neuf bridge, is the fruit of a complete transformation by LVMH after 15 years of being closed. 

To preserve the historical legacy of this 2 part building (The Pont side and the Rivoli side) Japanese architectural firm Sanaa was commissioned for the renovation while preserving its art nouveau and art deco and complimenting it with contemporary aspects.  

The morning is a nice time to appreciate the architecture and the impressive along with all of the 600 worlds ‘avant-garde” fashion, jewelry, and beauty to ramble through the love of beauty.

Musee de l’Orangerie

Musee de L’orangerie      Image: Sophie Crepy

Housing the permanent collections of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, theMusee de l’Orangerie is an immersive experience of impressionism, in Monet’s own words, an illusion of an endless whole, of a wave without horizon and without a shore”.

The Musee de l’Orangerie is a house of visual inspiration that incorporates events and performances as part of its cultural repertoire which moves our senses to the surface.

Maison de l’Amerique Latine

Maison de l”Amerique Latin        Image: Phillipe Ures Santamaria

Tucked away in the privileged gardens in Saint Germain, are two 18th-century private mansions the Hôtel de Varengeville and the Hôtel Amelot de Gournay that make up the Maison de l’Amerique Latine. This emblematic cultural gem is the official cultural and diplomatic meeting point for the Latin American community in Paris. 

The restaurant is set in the splendor of the French gardens adorned with beautiful art sculptures throughout as well as a yearlong scheduled agenda of exhibitions and cultural events.

This is a secret pocket of serenity in the middle of Paris where you can engage in the artful narrative between France and Latin America and enjoy a delightful lunch in the garden. 

Savoir-faire in form and fabrics: Dedar, India Mahdavi and Galerie Alain Ellouz

The decorative expressions through form and fabric give us the tangible context of creativity.  In designing decor, memorable objects, furniture, lighting, and art, there exists the dialogue between the artist and the work created. 

Alain Ellouz

Galerie Alain Ellouz

The beauty lies in the unexpected dialogue, an exchange so unique and formidable, magnetic because of its original and unchartered nature. This is the sensorial experience happening in the tucked-away ancient church of an Augustinian convent where you will find the poetic alabaster creations of Galerie Alain Ellouz

His creations are a visual exploration of nature and design that makes us feel alive and connected. 

Dedar Milano

Dedar Milano Showroom

True fabrics of society, textiles were ancient main economies from clothing to sails, bedroom linen, furniture covers, rugs, and wallcoverings. They were symbols of wealth as in the Renaissance with luxurious weaves of silk in elaborate tapestries and clothing that spoke status, tradition, and personal identity.

As textiles evolved into modern times into massive economies they still carry the same captivating signature of wealth and power. A visual allure found in the details. 

The Dedar Milano showroom in Paris is where you can touch and feel interwoven inspiration thread by thread.  The selection of contemporary, traditional, and innovative fabrics comes together in design and begins the art of the bespoke. And the mood of the room is revealed. 

India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi Showroom Image: domodeco

In a visual invitation we think about color and its psychological influence on our emotions and mood.  Artist India Mahdavi is a master craftsman of the art of revering the beauty of imperfection and bringing out its pure essence and function. 

Her atypical pieces infuses an eclectic pop with a dose of happiness.

Galerie du Passage

Galerie du Pasage Image: Galerie du Pasage

If you were to journey back in time through art, the quintessential experience of one of Paris’ most beautiful covered passages, Vero-Dodat galerie. The neoclassical decor dates back to 1826 and in this galerie of vintage Parisien charm you will find a treasure trove of art, object and photograph is housed in the iconic Galerie du Passage.

On two floors, the galerie is a revival of the art craft through its furniture and objects from the 20th century to modern times. In spirited connection to the artistic community the galerie holds art exhibitions with provocative themes from a variety of contemporary and traditional artists to fan the flames of inspiration.

The Deux Magots

Le Deux Magots Image: Paris Secret

On this aesthetic ramble that awakens our senses, there is one place, a mecca of creative literary influence in the legendary literary cafe The Deux Magots. An art deco cafe since1884 that claimed itself as the meeting point for writers, journalists and publishers. To this day it continues as a melting pot of hot chocolate drinkers and inspired writers whose prose aims to bring life stories to the surface.

As we continue our interior design projects in Paris, we will continue to share our curated lists of inspiring unique experiences that ignite our spark of creativity and the beauty of le joie de vivre.