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Investing in Prime Central London: the 4 Best Areas

The prime central London property market is known for its grand Georgian freehold houses and luxury penthouses – many of which Callender Howorth has assisted in bringing to life with luxury interior design.

Investing in prime central London real estate is a savvy decision for those looking to capitalise on a market characterised by its resilience and growth potential. 

The allure of London as a premier global city, combined with a robust property market, makes it an ideal destination for discerning investors. Here are four top areas in central London that stand out for investment in 2023.


South Kensington

This neighbourhood is experiencing a vibrant phase of gentrification, transforming it into a sought-after location. It’s home to a diverse community, including affluent residents and artistic newcomers. 

The area boasts unique attractions like the Little Wormwood Scrubs and vibrant street markets like Portobello and Golborne. The ongoing regeneration projects, including 1,000 new developments by Catalyst, make it an area ripe for investment. Connecting three Zone 2 Underground stations adds to its appeal, providing easy access to central business districts.

The average price for all properties in this area is around £747,353. This figure further breaks down into an average of £675,769 for flats and apartments, based on 13 sales in July, and £980,000 for houses, from 4 sales in the same period.

property for sale in south kensington

The City of London

The city of London, known as ‘The Square Mile’, this historic district is a hub for business and finance. It uniquely blends Roman ruins, historic churches, and contemporary skyscrapers. Its cultural offerings, including St Paul’s Cathedral and the Barbican Theatre, along with an array of fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants, make it an attractive location for investors.

Properties in the Square Mile have an average selling price of £885,011. This central area, known for its blend of historical and modern architecture, offers a range of properties, predominantly in the form of flats and apartments in both low and high-rise blocks, providing ample investment opportunities​​.



This prestigious area is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Iconic streets like Oxford and Regent border it and offer low crime rates and many green spaces like Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square. Mayfair is a shopper’s paradise with top-end retail outlets complemented by a rich array of dining and nightlife options. The area’s cultural richness and excellent connectivity via multiple Tube stations position it as a prime location for high-end investments.

Known for its exclusivity and luxury, properties in Mayfair command a significantly higher average price of £3,501,043. This area, bordered by some of London’s most famous streets, is a hub for high-end shopping and dining, contributing to its premium property values.​

property for sale in Mayfair

St John’s Wood

Maintaining a village-like charm, St John’s Wood is a blend of prestige and tranquillity. It’s a stone’s throw from Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, offering greenery and serenity. Known for attractions like Lord’s Cricket Ground and Abbey Road Studios, the area attracts many tourists and affluent residents. The availability of quaint cafés and high-end eateries adds to its charm, making it a desirable investment location.

In St John’s Wood, properties sell for an average of £1,497,182. This price reflects the area’s village-like charm and prestigious status, with detached houses fetching an average of £3,837,500 and flats averaging £710,932

London Market Insights and Trends

1. Consistent Performance: London’s property market has historically shown steady growth in rental yields and capital values, with a 4% increase in property prices in the year leading up to January 2023. This trend is expected to continue, with a projected increase of 13.9% by 2027​​.

2. Resilience: Despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, London remains an attractive investment option. Its status as an international financial hub and the increasing demand for rental properties in central areas underpin this resilience​​.

3. Diverse Opportunities: London’s property market caters to various preferences, from new-build developments to period properties. New developments offer modern amenities and potential for capital appreciation, while period properties are sought after for their charm​​.

4. Foreign Investor Appeal: The weak pound, post-Brexit, has made UK property more affordable for foreign investors. Government initiatives like the Stamp Duty Holiday have further stimulated the market.

These figures illustrate the diversity and range of investment opportunities in central London’s property market, from more affordable options in areas like North Kensington to the high-end luxury market in Mayfair. Each area offers its unique appeal, whether it’s the historical significance and business centrality of the City of London, the artistic and gentrified atmosphere of North Kensington, the exclusive and luxurious environment of Mayfair, or the tranquil, village-like feel of St John’s Wood.

property for sale in bayswater

Callender Howorth offers all manner of interior design services, with a specialist knowledge of the areas in prime central London. Get in touch with a member of the design team to discuss your project.


The 4 Best Areas in Which to Invest in Prime Central London

How Can We Help With Properties in Prime Central London?

Investing in prime central London real estate presents a compelling opportunity driven by a stable and growing market. London’s economic strength, cultural richness, and diverse property options make it a prudent choice for long-term investments​​.

To explore the possibilities and benefits of investing in these prime locations and to envision how these spaces can be transformed into your ideal property, we invite you to contact the expert interior design team at Callender Howorth. Reach out to make the most of your investment in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

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Callender Howorth Scoops Service Award from Houzz

houzz award luxury interior design

It is with great pride that we can announce that Callender Howorth was awarded the ‘Best of Houzz 2017′ award for client satisfaction. Houzz is the internet’s leading platform for home design; over 40 million users worldwide access the website monthly, browsing inspiration for the design of every conceivable aspect of the home, from kitchens to home cinemas and wine cellars. The latest award, which is voted by Houzz users, builds on our already celebrated reputation amongst the Houzz community: not only are we recommended as a top supplier on Houzz, but we have also been recognised as a Houzz influencer – meaning that our knowledge and advice is highly valued by the Houzz community – and our photos have been added to users’ ideabooks over 25,000 times.

Split into three categories – design, customer service and photography – the Houzz Awards are presented with the aim of crediting the best home designers in the industry. Customer service honours are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2016. There are numerous awards in each category for each region of the country. The winners of each award benefit from a ‘Best of Houzz’ icon on their Houzz profile, and the benefit of a community-voted stamp of recognition.

“We’re delighted to receive recognition from the Houzz community,” commented Mark Howorth, Owner of Callender Howorth. “Houzz really has captured the inspiration behind interior design and become one of the industries ‘buzz words’ almost overnight.”

“We’re so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals, including Callender Howorth,” said Andrew Small, Managing Director of Houzz UK and Ireland. “Each of these businesses was singled out for recognition by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts for helping to turn their home improvement dreams into reality.”


Get in touch with the dedicated team at Callender Howorth to find out how we can help you to transform your home.

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The Truly Unique Regents Park Project

At Callender Howorth, we are always looking for ways to challenge ourselves and deliver luxury designs that are truly unique. We were excited to undertake the Regents Park Project: the complete renovation of three mews houses into one chic residence. The ultra-contemporary house is located on a scenic cobbled Mews, which is near Regents Park. The modern house now offers unique features that exemplify Callender Howorth’s creative diversity and ability to deliver the unexpected.


Custom fittings, which give each room a personalized feel, adorn the house in the latest gadgetry and create a stylised identity. The Custom Gull wing windows, for example, open automatically and allow a lot of natural light to permeate every corner of the home, giving it a feel of relaxation during the day. At night, the windows reveal a magical view of the surrounding area, filling the home with a myriad of lights, as well as revealing the starry sky. It also duplicates an image of the property to evoke a spacious feel. Such fittings were chosen with precision to allow them to blend seamlessly with the existing structure of the home.


The Regents Park Project features state of the art technology to accentuate the unique personality that we have created. Custom lighting is controlled from a central point and can be switched easily to create mood in a given room.


A lengthy swimming pool – a unique commodity, which is unusual in a London property and really sets this project apart – runs the length of the property, and can be dived into from the master bedroom on the first floor. It is visible from the entrance to the property and creates a focal point throughout the living space. The master bedroom also looks out over the entire property.


The open-plan layout magnificently maximises the space in this property. We used lots of glass and white surfaces to give a minimalist feel, while optimising airiness.

Specialist London interior designers, Callender Howorth excels in providing dynamic, creative designs that deliver versatile solutions. To sample the amazing Regents Park Project, contact our team to arrange a visit to the location and experience luxury at its best.

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Eichholtz Attends the Maison & Objet Paris Trade Show

Eichholtz is a name that has long been at the forefront of luxury interior design. A regular fixture in many of the world’s premier hotels and fashionable homes, their collection of furniture, lighting and accessories crosses many styles – from the ultra glamorous, luxe look to chic heritage and many more. This vast and eclectic gathering is borne from founder Theo Eichholtz’s philosophy of creating perfect ambience within a space, all influenced from his travels to the world’s finest museums and galleries. Together with his team of designers, Eichholtz deftly applies this unique philosophy to every piece of furniture his brand creates, time and time and time again. (more…)

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Callender Howorth Named as Finalist for International Award

When our passion for designing fabulous, luxury interiors and realising our clients’ visions rank above all else, it is easy to forget about receiving recognition. At Callender Howorth, we pride ourselves on being able to provide quality, multi-discipline interiors for luxury homes – be it building, designing or styling spaces. But we also take great pride in being recognised by our peers for our high-quality work.Interior Design London

The SBID International Design Awards is an extremely prestigious establishment to be connected with and one that we hold with high esteem. It is a great honour to announce that we have been attributed with a finalist spot for the Global Interior Design award.

Callender Howorth International Award

With voting coming exclusively from leading industry experts, both for technical content and aesthetic creativity, the privilege of being involved with this year’s event is extremely complimentary. The panel alone included some incredibly esteemed judges such as Lewis Carnie, Head of Programmes of BBC; Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum; Kevin Mau, Senior Creative Director at The Boeing Company; Ben McOwen Wilson, Director of YouTube EMEA; David Lewis, Managing Director of Sunseeker London; and Jane Preston, Facilities Manager UK, Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google.Interior Design London

With such a culturally influential panel you can understand why we were thrilled with the beautiful Mayfair Mews House becoming a finalist in the ‘Residential Project under £1m’ category; we can’t be prouder of this wonderful project. Set across three floors, it uses bespoke features and modern touches to create a high level of personality, fun and, above all else, a beautiful space.

Interior Design London

Neatly tucked away behind Marylebone High Street in beautiful London is this gorgeous mews house. Forget Victoriana expectations, find vast spaces bathed in light with large, bespoke walls and huge windows, which completely open to the encompassed courtyard.

Integral to the architectural plan was the gutting of the top floor. This allowed us to create one very large Master bedroom with a spacious dressing room (complete with bar area) and en suite. Add to this the coloured walls and expansive stairwell and the design starts to really sing a luxurious song.

Interior Design London

This project was favourable with the Callender Howorth team, not least because we got to complete the idea by helping the client style the property with some impressive art, but because it allowed us to help create a fabulous show-stopping space, which is perfect for entertaining.

Modernity and uncomplicated British style permeate the space – think James Bond’s martini glass. A complete piece of classic design: still timelessly modern and effortlessly stylish. To be able to twin our passion with our craft is a true pleasure, and to be recognised as an influential force in the industry is an even greater thrill. We hope to see you at the SBID awards next year!

Callender Howorth International Award

Sample our extensive interior design projects in Marylebone and beyond and please do not hesitate to contact the team should you have any enquiries.

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Introducing ‘The Insider’ – Interior Designers Callender Howorth’s New Blog

Welcome to ‘The Insider’, Callender Howorth’s  new interior design resource.


London based interior designers Callender Howorth are passionate about creating stunningly beautiful residences and commercial spaces. In order to share some of the experience and knowledge we’ve gained over the years we are excited to announce our new project, ‘The Salon’.

“What is The Callender Howorth Salon?” We shall hold you in suspense no longer dear readers…

The Callender Howorth ‘Salon’ is more than a blog. It is an informative resource centre for all aspects of excellent interior design practice, including architecture, project management and interior styling. We love what we do. Through ‘The Salon’, we hope to explain some interior designers’ secrets, inspire new ideas and explore the future possibilities of interior design.

In ‘The Salon’ we shall, of course, be keeping you informed of all the latest Callender Howorth news. However, we will be doing so much more. We’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest developments, trends and innovations in interior design and related fields such as art and architecture. We’ll be providing reports from exclusive interior design shows and interior design trade exhibitions we visit around the world.

Whilst great design is vital, the importance of strong project management and a highly knowledgeable contractor is crucial for any Callender Howorth interior design project. This is an area that our interior designers at Callender Howorth excel at. Here in ‘The Salon’ we shall be discussing examples of some recent build projects we’ve managed and, where possible, we’ll be providing some tips that can help you prepare when planning your next interior design or construction project.

We’ll be posting weekly, so come back soon for some informative and, hopefully fun insider tips on interior design and project management from the Callender Howorth Salon.

Callender Howorth is an interior design studio in Clerkenwell, Farringdon, East London. Our team of London based interior designers  specialise in beautiful interior design, architecture and efficient project management for living spaces and office environments.