Eye on Art Series: The Sculptor’s Perspective

October 21, 2020

The Eye on Art Series is a collection of interviews from the lens of four international artists and gallery owners to give us a deeper insight to their perspectives on art and the origins of their inspiration.

From ancient art treasures to contemporary art, the underlying philosophies and interpretations immerses us into a storied dialogue where we can harness the timeless wisdom and sensibility to generate a new context of ideas of the world in which we live in.


Sculptor Marina Hubner and her installation of Pin Up at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

How long have you been creating and selling your art?

I left my homeland in Georgia in the Caucasus in 1990 to settle in Europe. I lived in Frankfurt, Paris and ultimately the French Riviera.

I was a bohemian artist and was known in my country for poetry.  I had a career in the media arts in television, theatre and animation before finding my new expression in the plastic arts, but I play boundlessly with all my talents and impulses from my prior life.

Installation of sculptures in Monaco with His Serene Highness Prince Albert where he signed the sculptures.

I have created art in oil, crayon, ink, then paper maché and clay sculptures, but I really found my paradise in my resin and bronze wonders. A true refection of my passion for music, these sculptures are of women singing, dancing and playing instruments.

What is your definition of great art?

Art for me is a definition of my soul. It’s the real me: my Self.

Danseuse H85cm

The definition of great art? I believe, the more suffering you experience in your life, the greater will be the joy in your life and the more you have to tell to the universe through your art.

What expressions or meaning do you want to convey in your art?

My sculptures depict buxom women with bright colours. They are full of joy, humour and kindness. They are gentle yet provocative, communicative yet private. I blend contemporary and classic showing real bodies celebrating the themes of music and dance.

Violinists in bronze. H45cm

The lack of instruments contradict the symphony of emotions that are played out by these figures, making them universal and timeless. The themes include violinists, pin-ups, dancers, bass players, and clarinet musicians.

Installation of Pin Ups in Saint Tropez. H160cm.

I am a perfectionist and I design each sculpture myself. I work with the best craftsmen in France and Italy to execute the piece.

I use bronze to exercise my classical training so that I can share my knowledge of the human form. The polyester resin on the other hand, allows me to celebrate my love for colours and my joyfulness.

What are your inspirations?

I am inspired by music.

I wanted to give life to my feminine beauties, forms that are touched by musical grace and my creativity.

Installation of Violinists in the Clos de Roses vineyard. H186cm

My sculptures are born from all the cultures which have influenced my own life: Russian, Ukranian, Polish and Georgian.

Installation at the renown Negresco Hotel in Nice where owner Mme Augier chose each piece herself. Marina Hubner is the last artist in Augier’s art collection at the Negresco.

Where can we find your artwork or pieces?

Sculptures can be ordered in various sizes, and are available in smooth bronze or fiberglass covered in enamel. They are perfect for both exterior and interior exposures.

The sculptures are on display at the following galleries:

Galerie Les Lombards à Mougins (France), Galerie Spolnik à Paris (France), Gallery Mauersberger in Vienna (Austria), Gallery Nina Torres à Miami (USA), QGallery in Baky (Azerbaijan), Galerie Jean FONTAN à Honfleur et à Pont Aven (France).


Email: marinasculpteur@gmail.com

Tel: + 33 (0)6 17 21 10 99