Favourite Home Interior Design Picks for 2023

September 16, 2023

The prospect of a home adorned with novel aesthetics, thoughtfully curated designs, and enhanced functionality evokes excitement and anticipation. In the second half of 2023, there are new and innovative things happening in home interior design that are really interesting. 

The home interior design team at Callender Howorth has looked at what’s happening and identified several interior design trends that stand out for their elegance, style, and utility. This showcase is not merely a compilation of trends; it is a testament to the art of transforming living spaces into havens of comfort and sophistication.


The Chiaro Di Luna Armchair from Artemest

Enhancing Home Experiences: Home Design for Entertaining Guests and Family

As life returns to normal, a change is happening – people are starting to have small gatherings and parties at home. Staying in has become cooler than going out. 

A compelling trend in interior design is in the art of hosting friends and family at home, which is poised to last not only through 2023 but also well into the upcoming year, 2024. Through surging sales, dining tables, benches, dining chairs, and tableware sets have gained traction, emblematic of this evolving penchant for in-home entertainment.

Our top product picks for entertaining guests:

– Tom Faulkner Dinner Table: The metal base gives strength and stability, yet the design is simple enough not to be overbearing and is perfectly complemented by the glass top. It was an excellent choice for the kitchen in one of our recent projects.

– Armchairs: Holding the feminine resemblance of a woman’s silhouette, the Chiaro Di Luna armchair designed by Giannela Ventura from Artemest is guaranteed to stand out pieces that elevate the sophistication and elegance of the room. The black and white checkered pattern gives that Coco Chanel classic feel that contrasts beautifully with other colours in the room.

Callender Howorth project.

Interior Design – Comfortcore

Comfortcore has emerged as a significant trend in 2023 contemporary interior design, embodying a shift in priorities and aesthetics that resonates with evolving lifestyles. This trend reflects the growing emphasis on creating living spaces that prioritise comfort and cosiness, catering to various physical, emotional, and psychological needs. The concept of Comfortcore is closely tied to crafting environments that foster well-being and offer a refuge from the demands of modern life.

One of the driving factors behind the prominence of the Comfortcore trend is the transformation of homes into central hubs for various activities. With remote work becoming more prevalent, people spend more time in their living spaces. As a result, the desire to create environments that serve functional needs and provide a sense of comfort and ease has intensified. 

The allure of Comfortcore also draws inspiration from concepts such as “hygge,” a Danish term that encapsulates a feeling of cosiness, contentment, and a simple appreciation for life’s small pleasures.

Additionally, integrating smart technology and design is a hallmark of the Comfortcore trend. Smart technology, such as adjustable lighting and temperature control systems, is seamlessly woven into the fabric of these spaces, enhancing both functionality and ambience. 

Our suggested product picks for Comfortcore:

– Love Sofa: We love the small curved Love Sofa from Sofa&Chair for captivating conversation niches or to add depth and distinction to another sofa piece.

– LilyPad Nest: Side Table accents bring to life the sofa or lounge chairs in the room. The visual flow of metallic texture with blushing varied pink tones of these LilyPad Nest of Tables from Porto Romana gives a comforting feel to a room.

– Ottoman: Ottomans are another favourite piece we love using in living rooms. The visual texture of ottomans grounds the space and keeps it intimate and comfortable. Combination ottomans offer a nice dual contrast that is styled and functional.


Home Design – Textured and Dark Worktops

Dark and textured worktops have become a prominent trend in modern interior house design, captivating enthusiasts for their unique blend of aesthetics and practicality. 

Dark surfaces offer depth and sophistication, contrasting vividly with lighter surroundings to create striking focal points. Textured finishes, such as brushed or matte treatments, introduce tactile intrigue, enhancing sensory engagement. 

Beyond aesthetics, these worktops are chosen for durability, adept at concealing wear and stains, making them suitable for high-traffic spaces. Their adaptability shines through with different design elements, from light cabinetry to metallic accents. 

This trend echoes modern preferences for functional yet visually appealing spaces. Cultural shifts towards personalised and distinctive interiors also contribute to the growing popularity of these versatile worktops.

In conclusion, the trend of dark and textured worktops reflects the desire to create visually captivating, functional, and tactilely engaging spaces. Their ability to harmonise with diverse design approaches while adding depth and character to interiors underscores their enduring appeal in interior design.

Cloud Desk by Julian Chichester

Vintage Design – Mid-Century Overhaul

Mid-century house design has solidified its position as a persistent trend, captivating design enthusiasts for its timeless appeal and distinctive aesthetic. This style, inspired by the mid-20th century, reflects a harmonious blend of functionality, simplicity, and a touch of nostalgia. Its enduring popularity is attributed to its ability to seamlessly integrate into modern living while retaining its vintage design vibe.

The trend’s allure lies in its clean lines, organic forms, and emphasis on functionality. The mid-century design celebrates open spaces and natural light, fostering a sense of airiness and connection with the outdoors. Iconic pieces from this era, such as Eames chairs and Scandinavian-inspired furnishings, continue to resonate due to their elegant yet approachable designs.

Additionally, mid-century elements are versatile, effortlessly complementing various interior styles. Their blend of retro charm and contemporary sensibilities creates a bridge between past and present. As sustainability gains prominence, the focus on quality craftsmanship and enduring materials aligns well with the trend’s ethos.

In a world marked by constant change, mid-century design offers a comforting, familiar aesthetic that transcends time, making it a beloved and enduring trend.

Our top product picks for a Vintage design:

– Vintage Desk: A 50’s vintage-styled Cloud Desk from Julian Chichester! We love the worn black vellum and the leather legs with brass rings that are angled in.  The big drawers make it functional with a boxy vintage feel.

– Vintage Lamps: We simply adore the Cologne Lamp from Porta Romana for its glass elements, decayed gold and linen to offset the punch of its centre’s brown and pinkish hues. This is a distinctive lamp that is inspired by a 1960s cologne bottle.

Lilypad Nest Side Tables, Trio of Pink Glass

Home Decor – Bathroom Ideas

“Bathroom retreats” have emerged as a notable interior design trend, reflecting a growing desire to transform functional spaces into havens of relaxation and rejuvenation. This trend has gained traction due to the increasing recognition of the bathroom’s potential to serve as a sanctuary from the demands of daily life.

The allure of bathroom retreats lies in their ability to create a spa-like atmosphere within the confines of one’s home. With stress reduction and self-care in focus, these spaces incorporate soothing colour palettes, luxurious materials, and serene lighting to evoke a sense of tranquillity. Freestanding tubs, rainfall showers, and innovative technology provide a seamless blend of comfort and convenience.

Furthermore, as wellness takes centre stage, these bathroom ideas align with the desire to enhance physical and mental well-being. The trend emphasises natural materials like stone and wood, promoting a connection with nature. Ample storage and organisation solutions are integrated, minimising clutter and promoting an uncluttered mindset.

The bathroom retreat trend encapsulates the aspiration for self-indulgence within the privacy of one’s home. In a fast-paced world, these spaces offer solace and the promise of a revitalising escape, making the trend both relevant and sought-after.


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