High on Dutch Design

March 25, 2013

I have always loved the Dutch.  Great fun and highly creative in a calm and focused way making their designs seem effortless. 

Following a site meeting with a new client in Amsterdam the team and I took some time to explore the design district and get some inspiration from the Dutch.







First Stop was Moooi  (http://bit.ly/2PihT)– which is one of my favourite furniture companies.  They really epitomise for me the Dutch sense of fun and naughtiness into their quirky designs.  In particular the life size Horse Lamps and the “blown over” Blow Away Vase – genius.








Another great discovery was the “cow show” that has reproduced small replicas of the cows from CowParade  Those have been staged in over 50 cities worldwide since 1999 including London in 2002.This is the only shop in the world where you can buy these fantastical and zany objects –well worth a visit and if not you can find them on http://bit.ly/11CG5KI.





The main design area ( http://bit.ly/16cz7ep ) offers surprises on every corner – peoples  “front rooms” in their homes double as shops and one can wonder in and look around at all kinds of quirky objects and ideas.


Another big hit for us was the hotel.  Hotel V ( http://bit.ly/16czjKE ) is chilled, eclectic and so well put together.  Again, simply effortless and double this with the Dutch hospitality and high levels of service – totally recommended!