Bedroom Knightsbridge Penthouse Interior

Interior Design Trends for 2023

September 12, 2023

Bedroom Knightsbridge Penthouse Interior

In the sphere of interior design, Callender Howorth has consistently thrived, achieving yet another successful year marked by imaginative and diverse projects tailored to the refined preferences of our clients. 

Over the past five years, we have steadfastly maintained our position at the forefront of design innovation, a journey that has led us to enhance our interior design services. Whether the task involves transforming a bedroom into a haven of style, revamping an entire apartment, or adding elegance to a home through a sophisticated basement conversion, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity remains unwavering. 

As we set our sights on the horizon of the latter half of 2023 and the initial quarter of 2024, we eagerly anticipate the emergence of interior design trends that will illuminate and shape the aesthetic landscape in the days ahead.


Interior Design Trend – Wellness

One of the most popular interior design trends in 2023 is focused on wellness. Self-care can be a key to improved well-being. But an environment that promotes healthy living is also vital. Wellness design can set the mood for mindfulness and slow down. We can then function to our maximum. 

With a growing emphasis on holistic well-being and a greater awareness of our surroundings impact on our physical and mental health, interior designers are incorporating elements and principles that promote wellness into their projects. This trend encompasses various aspects of design, including layout, materials, lighting, colour, and furniture selection, all aimed at creating spaces that enhance comfort, relaxation, and overall health.

A wellness-focused home design might incorporate natural elements like indoor plants to improve air quality, optimising natural light to regulate circadian rhythms, utilising calming colour palettes, integrating ergonomic furniture for comfort and posture support, and even include meditation, relaxation, or exercise spaces. 


Sustainable Living House Design

Sustainable design has evolved from a niche concept to a significant and enduring house design trend, driven by a heightened global awareness of environmental concerns and a growing commitment to responsible living. This trend is fundamentally rooted in the understanding that the design and construction of living spaces have far-reaching impacts on the planet, making it essential to adopt practices that minimise harm and promote long-term well-being.

Sustainable living-focused interior design also extends to the well-being of occupants. The choice of non-toxic paints, finishes, and furnishings improves indoor air quality and promotes the health of those inhabiting the space. This focus on occupant health aligns with a broader cultural shift toward prioritising holistic wellness, amplifying the appeal of sustainable home decorating design among a diverse clientele.

Moreover, sustainable living in interior design emphasises the concept of longevity. By selecting durable, high-quality materials and opting for timeless design elements, designers contribute to spaces that withstand the test of time, thereby reducing the need for frequent renovations and replacements. This shift towards a more thoughtful, intentional design approach minimises waste and fosters a deeper connection between individuals and their surroundings.


Multifunctional Workspaces Home Design Ideas

The multifunctional workspace has emerged as a prominent and pragmatic interior design trend, driven by shifts in work culture, technology, and the desire for versatile and efficient environments. This home decorating trend reflects the evolving nature of work, where the boundaries between professional and personal life are becoming more fluid. As a result, interior designers are reimagining workspaces to accommodate a range of activities and to provide users with adaptable settings that foster productivity, creativity, and comfort.

One of the key drivers behind the rise of multifunctional workspaces is the prevalence of remote and flexible work arrangements. With more individuals working from home or seeking alternative spaces to traditional offices, the demand for environments that seamlessly cater to work, relaxation, and collaboration has surged. Designers are responding by creating zones that can transform from focused workstations to areas conducive to relaxation or exercise, providing users the flexibility to balance their diverse needs.

The multifunctional workspace also aligns with the principles of space optimisation and sustainability. By designing spaces that serve multiple purposes, designers can make the most of available square footage, reducing the need for excess space or multiple specialised rooms. This approach is especially relevant in urban environments where space is premium.


Granny Chic Home Ideas

“Granny Chic” has indeed emerged as a distinctive and retro-flashback interior design trend, captivating the imagination of designers and homeowners alike. This trend reinterprets traditional, nostalgic elements with a contemporary twist, resulting in spaces that evoke a sense of comfort, warmth, and a whimsical blend of the past and the present. Granny Chic is characterised by a harmonious fusion of vintage aesthetics, classic patterns, and eclectic decor, creating interiors that tell stories of generations past while resonating with modern sensibilities.

The popularity of Granny Chic is also tied to the desire for uniqueness and personal expression. In an era of mass-produced furnishings, Granny Chic invites individuals to curate spaces that reflect their personalities and experiences. Mixing and matching different styles, textures, and vintage patterns creates a distinct visual tapestry that defies conventional norms, resulting in interiors that are as eclectic as they are inviting.

Furthermore, the Granny Chic trend finds resonance in sustainability and environmental consciousness. By repurposing and upcycling vintage pieces, individuals can reduce their ecological footprint while imbuing their spaces with character. The trend encourages a shift away from the disposable culture often associated with modern design, embracing longevity and the beauty of imperfection.

From a design perspective, Granny Chic offers a playground of home decorating creativity. It allows designers to unexpectedly blend eras, textures, and colours, creating visually captivating and emotionally resonant interiors. By juxtaposing ornate chandeliers with distressed furniture or pairing delicate lace with bold prints, designers can craft narratives that transcend time and resonate with a broad spectrum of aesthetics.


Terracotta: Redefined Elegance

Amid the ebb and flow of design preferences, the allure of terracotta is poised to rekindle its prominence. Unlike its rustic predecessors, the terracotta tiles that will grace interiors in 2023 embrace a modern matte style, infusing spaces with character. A departure from the cool white tones of the past, these warmer hues evoke the Mediterranean’s timeless charm. The contemporary interpretation of terracotta brings forth an ambiance that seamlessly blends heritage and modernity, adding a sense of warmth that invites comfort and serenity into living spaces.


Cork’s Resurgence: A Silent Revolution

In a symphony of design and functionality, cork makes a triumphant return. Reverberating with its property of noise absorption, this in-vogue material finds its niche in the design of open-planned homes. The key to perfecting this trend lies in its judicious application. The art of balance is exemplified through the marriage of cork and light colours, creating a harmonious interplay of texture and tone. As cork surfaces emerge in the spaces of 2023, they speak volumes about a design ethos that marries form and function with subtlety and finesse.


Dark Green Serenity

Amid the swells of design evolution, the dominance of dark green beckons. Contrasting with the resounding popularity of navy and midnight blues, dark green assumes its rightful place as the backdrop of choice. Infused with the essence of nature, this hue sets a tranquil stage for furs, leathers, brass, and linen. In an age increasingly defined by technological advancements, dark green’s inherent naturalness adds depth as an accent color. A call to reconnect with the natural world, this trend beckons occupants to unwind and embrace a sense of relaxation.


Indulgent Dreams: Upholstered Bedheads

2023 ushers in a lavish upgrade for beds, epitomising opulence inspired by luxury hotels and celebrity sanctuaries. The minimalist Scandinavian-inspired wooden frames of yesteryears step aside, paving the way for a diverse array of bed head styles. From neutral-toned, button-studded bedheads to sumptuous velvet-covered designs, indulgence reigns supreme. This trend transforms bedrooms into havens of decadence, where the allure of slumber is elevated to an art form.


Sanctuaries of Escape

As life’s tempo quickens, the allure of escape finds resonance within the very walls we inhabit. The design landscape of 2023 champions the creation of relaxing enclaves, replete with plush sofas, daybeds, sheepskins, chunky knits, and rugs. These comfort havens invite occupants to retreat from the chaos, embracing tranquillity within the confines of great design. This trend highlights the evolving role of interiors as not just functional spaces but sanctuaries of respite.


Jewel Tones: A Celestial Tapestry

Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, jewel tones cast a celestial spell on interiors in 2023. Reflecting metals, stars, and ethereal clouds, these tones infuse homes with sparkle and intrigue. The marriage of X-ray materials, ethereal fabrics, and glittering surfaces imparts a sense of mystique and romance. Applied with discernment, this trend casts a cosmic aura that captivates the beholder, transcending the ordinary and enveloping spaces in an otherworldly charm.


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In the dynamic world of interior design, trends continue to shape how we perceive and experience our living spaces. From the sustainable living movement that emphasises environmental responsibility to the versatile and adaptable nature of multifunctional workspaces, design trends are reflections of our evolving lifestyles and values. Likewise, the captivating Granny Chic trend seamlessly blends the charm of yesteryears with contemporary aesthetics, inviting us to celebrate nostalgia, uniqueness, and sustainability in our interiors.


At Callender Howorth, we are a luxury interior design studio nestled in the heart of West London, where our passion for innovation and creativity fuels our design approach. Our expert designers are dedicated to turning your vision into reality, whether capturing the essence of the latest trends or crafting a bespoke design that resonates with your unique style. Contact us today!