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Chiswick House

A long standing client of ours finally found their dream home on the street that they wanted to live on in this leafy area by Chiswick Park.

The main bones of the house were great but the décor and rooms had not been changed since the 1980s.

So we set about completely transforming the house into a family home. The south facing garden backs directly on to the Park and the views are stunning. So we designed a large kitchen / diner / family room on the back of the house that had plenty of space for the whole family to relax.

All of the kids are sporty so we designed a shower area alongside the back door and laundry room with lots of storage for gym bags and sports equipment. Perfect for the family dog too that often comes back from the park covered in mud!

The look at feel of this home is contemporary – our client wanted to have a relaxed but modern feel to the entire house. Bathrooms were designed to be practical and luxurious but also not “overly designed” as we did not want them to date quickly.

Contemporary furniture, art and objects give this home a brand new feeling and the 80s feel has well and truly been banished.

Client testimonial

Our clients bought this very dated Victorian house on their favourite tree lined street in Chiswick.  The brief was very clear in that this was their “home for life” and they wanted us to create a lovely family home for them and their three children. We gutted the house “back to brick” and started again.  Gone were the tired 80s renovations and décor and in its place emerged a bright, fun and practical family home.  See what they have to say about what we did for them….