Maison et Objet : Trends for 2020

February 3, 2020

Just after the announcement of Pantone Classic Blue 19-4052 as 2020’s colour of the year, we were curious to explore the newest musings at Maison et Objet in Paris. What we were most after was the tangible feeling of design influence as we begin a new decade.

What we found was the sentiment of returning to deep seated values, a collective statement that as we move forward we are doing so with a newfound agency for appreciation of nature, wellbeing, responsibility and authenticity.

A similar feeling as if you just came back from an exotic transformational retreat. Reconnected.

True Blue

A safe approach, timeless yet smart.

Classic Blue never fails as accent pieces or for suggestively setting the mood. Whether an elegantly understated vase or velvety banquette, this true blue is always lovely to work with and always catches the eye when subtly appointed.

Bert Frank

Staying Neutral and Natural

Certainly a reflection of today’s regeneration movement, we are seeing more eco-friendly pieces and materials.

More sobriety in living areas without compromising luxury. Mineral shaped lamp bases or suspension lighting, a wink to the emitting energy found in nature.

Natural luxury is steadily moving towards becoming the new luxury….sublime and responsibly sincere. Lots of bamboo weaves everywhere.


Curved and classy

The soft and intimate influence of curved pieces from sofas, seating, lighting, and sideboards reveal the desire for more connection and conversation.

The soothing feeling of cocooning the space as our own sanctuary from a world gone mad.

Cozy and curved by Dooq.

Greys and Greens

Elegant grey, versatile for any space lends its presence subdued yet stable can be paired endlessly.

Like the colours of beach pebbles in different shades, grey reminds of its natural and neutral imprint and considering the organic theme of wellbeing throughout the show, it mirrors a stable source of strength.


Green Vitality

Like the vital energy as if you have just walked through the forest, the deep greens are noticed in accessories, prints, sofas, seating, plates, and wall colours.

Breathing the vitality of life into spaces more than just with indoor plants. We can all use more of that!


Made by hand

A soulful calling for handcrafted unique pieces, speaking originality and authenticity.

This is one trend that is truly reflecting the appreciation for our unique talents and gifts. One unlike no other.

Beautiful work by Villari

We were delighted with this year’s Maison et Objet and are always enthusiastic attending these industry exhibitions that are at the forefront of design.

We look forward to attending Milan and Stockholm later this year so that we can continuously share new ideas and concepts with our clients. Watch this space!