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Before and After: Renovation Proves to be Smart Investment

October 27, 2016

The property market has always proved itself a relatively sound place to invest one’s money, and it is hard to find a property market that is safer than that of the French Riviera. The exquisite lifestyle, dream-like surroundings and plethora of beautiful period properties makes it perfect for those looking for a holiday home as well as savvy real estate investors seeking real estate niches. However, to find a niche, one has to be able to see it.

monaco interior designer

It is true that there is an infinite amount of sublime apartments and luxury homes on the Côte d’Azur, but to spot a property with true investment potential one has to open one’s eyes a little wider and have a little, or sometimes a lot, of imagination.

Mark Howorth discusses his Nice apartment. Video credit: Matthew Miles

London interior designer, Mark Howorth, of luxury interior design company, is a renowned designer of bespoke living spaces in the United Kingdom and the French Riviera. He is also the successful renovator of a traditional Nicois-style apartment just off Garibaldi square in Nice. It was his vision that encouraged a couple of other innovative restauranteurs to invest and the result is a buzzing neighbourhood complete with brasserie, restaurants and a centrally located apartment just a stone’s throw from it all.

Many believe that interior design is at its best when it enhances the original features of a property to make it feel as if hardly any change has taken place at all. It’s about bringing out the character of an environment, without overpowering its intended style. This is a view that is indeed shared by Howorth who aims to make spaces that are light, comfortable and enhance the lives of those that live in them.

“Creating comfortable and exciting homes on the Côte d’Azur is really satisfying as many places have stunning original features.  Stone walls, vintage fireplaces, Frescos and Nicois tile are abundant and enable me to really work on the character of the space. By adding excellent lighting, modern finishes and eclectic furniture the results can be stunning.

I did this renovation on Rue Bonaparte last year.  The apartment had not been renovated in over 40 years and it looked very tired and was subdivided into small rooms. I opened up the main living space to create one large open plan living / kitchen and dining area – a perfect place to entertain.  I also completely remodelled the bedroom and bathroom areas to create two bedroom suites with en suite shower and bathrooms.

Purchase price: €420,000 

Renovation: €80,000 

Final market value: €670,000 

I hope that you will agree that the before and after photographs say it all…”

– Mark Howorth


Bedroom before


Bedroom after


Fireplace before


Fireplace after


Kitchen before


Kitchen after


Living room before


Living room after

While renovating or restoring property is not a new way to invest, a holistically integrated approach to renovating is a new approach. When interior design is considered as part of the process, the return on investment can be nothing short of staggering. All you have to do, is have the courage and imagination to open your eyes.

For assistance with your interior design project, contact Mark and his team at Callender Howorth.