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    Belgravia Interior Architects

    Belgravia, an exclusive district in the heart of London’s City of Westminster, is synonymous with architectural elegance and refinement. This affluent enclave is celebrated for its timeless and sophisticated architectural heritage, boasting an array of exquisite townhouses, garden squares, and landmarks that epitomise the essence of British architectural excellence.

    Callender Howorth is a highly professional team of Belgravia interior architects specialising in multi-discipline luxury design for residential and commercial properties. We have established a solid reputation as skilled interior architects, offering bespoke design, architecture and renovation services for a discerning international clientele. 

    We invite you to browse our completed projects in the beautiful area of Belgravia and other prestigious boroughs of London.


    What Have Our Interior Design Architects Designed in Belgravia, UK?

    In Belgravia, a district renowned for its architectural finesse, a recent interior architecture project near Hyde Park unveiled a remarkable transformation. This extensive renovation effort breathed new life into a once-weary residence, crafting a contemporary five-story haven for a young family. With a keen focus on understated elegance and practicality, the results of this endeavour surpassed all expectations. 

    Meanwhile, the Mews House project is another testament to the meticulous attention to detail displayed by our interior design architects in the area. Nestled behind the charming facade of a Victorian mews house, discreetly tucked away near Marylebone High Street, lies an ultra-modern and chic interior. The top floor was completely transformed, resulting in a spacious master bedroom. At the same time, the entire house was adorned with sleek touches, such as coloured glass walls and a curated contemporary art collection. This project exemplifies the ability to blend Victorian charm with cutting-edge design harmoniously.

    Elsewhere in Belgravia, a rather lacklustre Knightsbridge penthouse received a stunning rejuvenation. Calendar Howorth’s interior architects breathed new life into the space by introducing contemporary fittings, custom murals, and a concealed wine fridge. A wireless music system elevated the penthouse’s atmosphere and catered to modern lifestyle needs. 

    In Belgravia, where architectural sophistication reigns supreme, these interior design triumphs serve as a testament to the area’s commitment to marrying timeless elegance with contemporary living.


    What Are Some Architectural Landmarks in Belgravia London?

    Belgravia, located in the City of Westminster in central London, is known for its elegant architecture and affluent residential areas. Here are some architectural landmarks and notable buildings in Belgravia:

    – Eaton Square: Eaton Square is one of London’s most prestigious garden squares. The elegant Georgian townhouses surrounding the square are some of the finest examples of Regency architecture in the city.

    – Belgrave Square: Like Eaton Square, Belgrave Square is another garden square in Belgravia, surrounded by impressive white stucco-fronted mansions. It’s considered one of the grandest squares in London.

    – Pimlico Road: This street is famous for its boutique shops and galleries. It features a mix of Victorian and Edwardian buildings with attractive storefronts.

    – St. Peter’s Church, Eaton Square: This Anglican church, designed by Henry Hakewill in the Gothic Revival style, is an architectural gem. It features a beautiful interior with stained glass windows and intricate stonework.

    – Sloane Square: While technically just outside Belgravia’s borders, Sloane Square is a notable landmark. It’s known for the Royal Court Theatre and the iconic Peter Jones department store. The square itself has a distinctive modernist design.

    – Ebury Street: Ebury Street is lined with charming Georgian and Victorian townhouses, some of which have been converted into shops and restaurants. This street offers a glimpse of the residential architecture of the area.

    – Eccleston Yards: This modern development in Belgravia blends contemporary architecture with a focus on art and culture. It houses galleries, boutiques, and wellness spaces within an innovative architectural setting.

    – Grosvenor Crescent: This is a stunning, crescent-shaped street with a row of grand townhouses. The architecture here is predominantly Georgian and showcases the luxury of the area.

    – Chesham Place: Chesham Place features a mix of Georgian and Victorian architecture and is known for its residential buildings and embassies.

    – St. Barnabas Church: This Victorian Gothic-style church stands out with its beautiful stained glass windows and intricate detailing.


    What Are Some Cultural Attractions in Belgravia, London?

    While Belgravia is primarily known for its elegant residential areas and upscale shopping and dining options, it does offer some cultural attractions and points of interest that visitors can explore. Here are a few notable cultural attractions in Belgravia:

    – Eccleston Yards: This modern development in Belgravia is an architectural gem and a hub for culture and creativity. It houses galleries, boutiques, and wellness spaces, making it a vibrant cultural destination.

    – Eaton Square Gallery: Located in the heart of Belgravia, this gallery features contemporary art exhibitions and showcases works from emerging and established artists.

    – Belgrave Square Gardens: While primarily a garden square, Belgrave Square often hosts cultural events and open-air performances during the summer, making it a pleasant place to enjoy outdoor cultural activities.

    – Eaton Square Concerts: Various churches and venues in Belgravia host classical music concerts and recitals, providing opportunities for cultural enrichment through music.

    – St. Barnabas Church: Besides its architectural significance, St. Barnabas Church occasionally hosts cultural events, including classical music concerts and choir performances.

    – Local Shopping Boutiques: Belgravia has many high-end boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops. Exploring these boutiques and galleries can offer a cultural experience in the form of art, fashion, and design.

    – Cultural Walking Tours: Some tour companies offer cultural walking tours of Belgravia, where knowledgeable guides share insights into the history, architecture, and culture of the area.


    Restaurants and Nightlife – What Does Belgravia Offer?

    Belgravia boasts an array of outstanding fine dining options, each offering a unique culinary experience. Gordon Ramsay’s two-Michelin-starred restaurant, Petrus, showcases modern French cuisine at its finest. For Michelin-starred Indian cuisine, Amaya is a must-visit.

    Boisdale of Belgravia delivers an exquisite dining and entertainment combination with an upstairs cigar bar for those craving traditional Scottish dishes paired with live jazz. Adventurous palates will find inspiration at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in the Mandarin Oriental, where cuisine draws from 15th and 16th-century cookery.

    If you seek a more relaxed atmosphere, The Orange Public House and Hotel nearby Pimlico serves fantastic gastro-pub meals. For a diverse dining experience, Pont Street at Belgraves offers a range of culinary delights. Moreover, Belgravia’s proximity to world-renowned department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols means you can seamlessly combine shopping with dining. The latter even houses the elegant Fifth Floor restaurant, making Belgravia a haven for food connoisseurs.


    Should You Move to Belgravia?

    Belgravia is an excellent choice for families due to its proximity to various schools and preschools, such as the coeducational Eaton Square School and the Francis Holland School for Girls. Belgravia’s notable past and present residents encompass prominent politicians, including former Prime Ministers Stanley Baldwin, Winston Churchill, and Neville Chamberlain. The neighbourhood has also been a residence for renowned figures like actor Christopher Lee and served as a temporary home for composers Wolfgang Mozart and Frederic Chopin.

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