Luxury Kensington Interior Design

    Kensington Interior Design

    Renowned for its splendid Georgian and Victorian architecture, Kensington’s interior design is a byword for elegance and style. The neighbourhood, celebrated for its beauty and history, fittingly houses the Victoria and Albert Museum, the largest of its kind in the world.

    Peeling back the exterior layers reveals Kensington’s interior design, characterised by a level of sophistication that’s second to none. The expert London interior designers at Callender Howorth are adept at navigating the complexities of designing for Kensington. We skillfully balance the area’s nuances and character while infusing each project with fun and the client’s unique personality.

    In the sections below, discover more about our past Kensington interior design ventures, including transforming luxury residences.


    On the Town: Kensington

    Kensington, a jewel in London’s architectural crown, is synonymous with interior design excellence. Characterised by its elegant Georgian and Victorian architecture, the area demands a sophisticated approach to interior design. Kensington’s designers are renowned for their ability to blend classic charm with contemporary luxury, creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically stunning. 

    From lavish residences to chic commercial spaces, interior design in Kensington is about crafting environments that reflect the area’s affluent history and modern lifestyle. It’s where every detail counts, making Kensington a destination for those seeking the pinnacle of interior design innovation and elegance in London.


    Callender Howorth Interior Design Projects in Kensington 

    Callender Howorth recently undertook a significant interior design project in Kensington, revitalising a home that hadn’t been updated in three decades. The design blended practicality with style and was tailored for a young family. 

    We opted for warm, soft colours to instil a sense of comfort while maintaining an airy spaciousness. Our focus on detail ensured a luxurious finish for any Kensington home. This blend of family-friendly functionality and elegant style is a hallmark of our approach to interior design in London’s prestigious areas.


    Famous Architectural Landmarks in Kensington

    – Kensington Palace: This historic royal residence showcases a stunning classic and contemporary interior design blend. The staterooms and private apartments reflect centuries of evolving styles, making it a living showcase of interior architectural excellence in Kensington.

    – The Victoria and Albert Museum: Known for its vast collection of arts and crafts, the V&A also stands out for its interior architectural marvels. The museum’s galleries exhibit various design styles, from Gothic Revival to modern minimalism, reflecting a diverse interior design history.

    – The Design Museum: Originally a 1960s building, the Design Museum has been transformed into a leading design museum. It features contemporary interior design and cutting-edge exhibitions, symbolising modern interior design in Kensington.

    – Royal Albert Hall: This iconic concert hall internally blends Victorian grandeur with modern design elements. The auditorium’s ornate detailing and use of space make it a landmark in interior architectural design.

    – Leighton House Museum: The former home of artist Frederic Leighton, this museum is famous for its opulent Arab Hall. The mosaics and lavish interiors are prime examples of 19th-century design sensibilities, showcasing a unique blend of Eastern and Western design influences.


    Architecture in Kensington

    Kensington, home to some of London’s most lavish real estate and striking Regency architecture, hosts landmarks like the Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Palace. The area radiates elegance, and the challenge for interior designers is to craft spaces that complement this sophistication and cater to individual client needs.

    Renowned designer Justin Van Breda undertook one notable Kensington interior transformation. He skillfully refurbished his “early Victorian workers’” cottage in a manner that resonated with the locality’s charm and his style, achieving what he terms a “gradation in sophistication.” This project has gained international acclaim in various home and style publications.


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    Given Kensington’s grandeur and distinguished residents, perfecting the interior design of residential and commercial properties here is crucial. Callender Howorth enhances this exquisite neighbourhood with even more style and elegance. Contact us to discover how we can elevate your Kensington property.

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