Luxury Children’s Interior Design, London and UK

Luxury Children’s Interior Design – the Dream Nursery

As an established London interior design practice, we are increasingly finding that our clients briefs go beyond simply creating their dream home. More and more, clients are asking us to create fantasy nurseries and playrooms for their children – using our knowledge of luxury nursery design to transform spaces into fairytale playrooms across London and the Home Counties, following the principles of luxury children’s interior design.

Luxury Nursery Design, London

Designing a luxury nursery can be a daunting task. When developing a nursery design brief, it’s important to design the space within the context of the rest of the family home.  Whilst Peppa Pig and shades of bubblegum pink may go down a storm with a younger audience, our aim is to create intergenerational interiors and design children’s bedrooms which appeal to adults and children alike.

The nursery designers at Callender Howorth take a holistic approach in designing a nursery in the context of the entire scheme. Our interiors practice is expert at commissioning bespoke items of furniture, such as personalised hand engraved toy boxes and unique light fixtures, which will transform your child’s room.

Children’s Bedroom Interior Designer

Our design team understand that designing a children’s nursery is about more than pure aesthetics – a practical approach is essential, as are clever storage options to maximise space whilst minimising clutter and hiding an abundance of colourful plastic toys and lego sets. Sustainable nurseries are also becoming very popular along with the traditional ones.

From the inception of a project, to the very first drawings, our interior architects take care to provide for clever solutions for storage and space. Our experienced team also work to delineate areas for rest, play and learning, to facilitate your child’s growth and development.

However, our work does not end there. Our projects are timeless and our design is future proof. We design spaces which will grow with your child and are easily adaptable in the long term.

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