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    Marylebone Interior Architects

    Callender Howorth’s skilled Marylebone interior architects provide custom-tailored interior design, architecture, and renovation services in the Marylebone region. Explore our creative and unique design solutions that have transformed spaces throughout Marylebone. We are eager to meet with you in Marylebone to discuss bespoke interior architecture and design possibilities for your home or office. 


    Callender Howorth – Interior Architecture Projects in Marylebone

    Marylebone’s Victorian properties present ideal opportunities for interior architects in the area. Callender Howorth recently had the privilege of transforming a quaint Mayfair mews house behind the bustling high street. While maintaining its Victorian exterior charm, our interior architects have skillfully crafted an inviting, open, and luminous interior. This approach to honouring Marylebone’s architectural legacy has fostered a robust collaboration with local planning and architectural authorities.


    On the Town, Marylebone

    In the heart of London, Marylebone is a canvas for interior architecture, where historic charm meets contemporary design. Its streets are lined with Victorian and Georgian buildings, offering a unique backdrop for interior architects. 

    These interior design professionals in Marylebone blend classic elegance with modern functionality, creating spaces that resonate with history and present-day luxury. From bespoke residential homes to chic commercial venues, Marylebone’s interior architecture transforms spaces into experiences, reflecting the area’s rich cultural tapestry. 

    This fusion of old and new in Marylebone’s interior design scene makes it a standout destination for those seeking innovative and luxurious architectural solutions.


    Architecture and Famous Listed Buildings in Marylebone

    Marylebone stands out for its picturesque, walkable townscape and numerous listed buildings. Notable among these is All Souls Church in Langham Place, a masterpiece by John Nash, a favourite architect of King George IV. 

    The area gets its name from the St Marylebone Parish Church, an Anglican church dating back to 1813-17. Another architectural gem is John Soane’s Holy Trinity Church, which, after falling into disuse in the 1930s, has been repurposed as a popular events venue known as One Marylebone.


    Architectural Landmarks in Marylebone

    – All Souls Church, Langham Place: Designed by John Nash, this architectural marvel is noted for its circular, neoclassical design and stunning interior. The church’s interior is marked by its impressive altar and the intricate design of its dome, offering a splendid example of Regency-era interior architecture.

    – St Marylebone Parish Church: The 19th-century church’s interior is a testament to the elegance of Georgian architecture. Its spacious, well-lit nave and beautifully crafted wooden pews highlight the era’s focus on symmetry and proportion in interior design.

    – The Wallace Collection in Hertford House: Home to an extensive art collection, this historic townhouse features opulent rooms with ornate furnishings, silk wall coverings, and decorative arts that represent the lavish interior styles of the 18th and 19th centuries.

    – Holy Trinity Church (One Marylebone): Originally designed by Sir John Soane, the interior of this now-events venue showcases Soane’s unique approach to space and light with its elegant Georgian lines and neoclassical detailing.

    – The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA): Located on Portland Place, RIBA’s headquarters boast Art Deco interiors. The building features a striking staircase, expansive halls, and detailed ornamentation, making it a key site for those interested in early 20th-century interior architectural design.


    Is Marylebone Close to Museums and Exhibitions?

    Marylebone is close to various museums and exhibitions, reflecting its vibrant cultural scene. The area’s creative influence is evident in its numerous art galleries, which showcase Marylebone’s flair for interior architecture. Asia House and Colomb Art Gallery stand out, frequently hosting captivating exhibitions that feature works by British and international artists. These galleries exhibit exceptional art and highlight the elegant and sophisticated interior architecture that Marylebone is renowned for.


    Restaurants and Nightlife in Marylebone

    Marylebone is a haven for food enthusiasts and nightlife seekers, boasting many dining options. The area’s skilled interior architects have masterfully converted many historical buildings into stylish restaurants and bars. A prime example is the Chiltern Firehouse, an 1889 Grade II-listed Victorian Gothic fire brigade building, now home to a renowned restaurant serving cutting-edge international cuisine. 

    Other top dining spots include La Fromagerie, known for its exquisite cheese selections, the elegant Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, and Patty & Bun, a favourite for burger lovers. These venues not only offer great food but also showcase the impressive interior architectural transformation in Marylebone.


    Why Consider Living in Marylebone

    Marylebone is an ideal place to live for several compelling reasons. Its vibrant art scene is just the beginning. The area boasts excellent schools like St Marylebone C of E School and St Vincent’s Roman Catholic Primary School, making it perfect for families. 

    The neighbourhood’s well-maintained parks and squares add to its appeal as a family-friendly area. Additionally, its status as one of London’s most prestigious postcodes means living in Marylebone places you in the heart of the city, surrounded by famous streets, top-tier restaurants, and the shopping paradise of Oxford Street. 

    The borough’s rich history as a home for celebrities and artists, such as Guy Ritchie, Noel Gallagher, and John Lennon, adds to its allure, blending cultural heritage with contemporary living.

    For expert assistance with your residential or commercial interior architecture needs in Mayfair, contact the team at Callender Howorth.

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