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    Callender Howorth specialises in luxury interior design for residential interiors and commercial spaces. Our Monaco interior architects offer bespoke design, architecture and renovation services for a discerning, international clientele. 

    Our diverse portfolio reflects our dedication to our clients’ vision. We work in consultation with them every step of the way to deliver excellence from the original concept to the completion of projects. From renovations to redesigns, we offer deluxe Monaco interior architecture that will be the envy of your neighbours.


    What Are Famous Architecture Landmarks in Monaco?

    Despite its small size, Monaco boasts several iconic and famous architectural projects contributing to its unique urban landscape. Some of the notable architectural projects in Monaco include:

    Monte Carlo Casino: This historic casino, designed by Charles Garnier, symbolises luxury and opulence. The Belle Époque architecture and ornate detailing make it a prominent landmark in Monaco.

    Oceanographic Museum: Built on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Oceanographic Museum was designed by Albert I, Prince of Monaco. Its dramatic location and Neo-Baroque architecture make it a captivating attraction.

    Princely Palace: The official residence of the Prince of Monaco, the Princely Palace features a blend of architectural styles due to its history of expansions and renovations. The palace’s ceremonial changing of the guard is a popular event for visitors.

    Grimaldi Forum: Designed by Richard Rogers, the Grimaldi Forum is a modern conference and entertainment complex with a distinctive glass and steel façade. Its waterfront location offers panoramic views of the sea.

    Yacht Club de Monaco: Designed by Norman Foster, this contemporary building stands out with its sleek lines and modern design. It houses facilities for yacht enthusiasts and features innovative architecture.

    One Monte-Carlo: Designed by Jean Nouvel, this upscale mixed-use development combines residential spaces, offices, and retail areas. Its design blends with the surrounding urban context while introducing modern elements.


    What Famous Architects Have Worked in Monaco?

    Zaha Hadid

    The Port Hercule Pavilion: Zaha Hadid Architects designed the temporary pavilion for the Monaco Yacht Club located at Port Hercule. This pavilion was constructed to host events and activities during the annual Monaco Yacht Show. The design was characterised by its fluid and dynamic form, reminiscent of the movement of water and the waves of the sea. The pavilion showcased Hadid’s signature architectural style, often featuring curvilinear shapes and organic geometries.

    While the Port Hercule Pavilion was a temporary structure, it represented Zaha Hadid’s unique design philosophy and her ability to create striking architectural statements pushing traditional design concepts’ boundaries.


    Le Corbusier

    Le Corbusier, one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, had a significant impact on modern architecture and urban planning. In Monaco, he designed a project known as the “Monastery of Sainte Marie de La Tourette,” which is often confused with another project he worked on, the “Monastery of Sainte Marie de La Tourette” near Lyon, France. 


    Arata Isozaki

    Arata Isozaki’s architectural imprint in Monaco includes the Palais des Congrès, an organic and modernist design blend. This conference and concert hall harmonises fluid lines with contemporary aesthetics, reflecting Isozaki’s global architectural influence. The structure’s fusion of forms creates a dynamic presence along Monaco’s landscape, encapsulating natural and innovative elements in a single architectural statement.


    Renzo Piano

    Renzo Piano’s impact in Monaco encompasses the Oceanographic Museum’s extension, where modernity and heritage converge. Seamlessly integrating into the museum’s historic fabric, Piano’s design introduces contemporary elements while respecting its surroundings. The extension’s innovative architecture breathes new life into the museum, connecting its rich past with the present. Through his artful balance of tradition and progress, Piano enhances Monaco’s cultural landscape with a testament to architectural harmony.


    What Has Callender Howorth Designed in Monaco?

    Our Monaco interior architects completed one of the company’s most spectacular projects in nearby Nice. This apartment on Rue Bonaparte was in an exceptional location close to the port but hadn’t been renovated in fifty years. The building was gutted to utilise space for an enormous open-plan living area and two upstairs rooms with ensuite bathrooms to give the feel of 5-star hotel suites. 

    Some original fittings were kept, namely, a vintage stone wall and beamed ceilings, which add a unique ambience and plenty of character to the space. The upstairs rooms overlook a picturesque courtyard and benefit from custom-fitted lighting. Carefully selected furniture and art ensured the home was light, airy and contemporary in the style of Monaco interior architecture.


    What Are Some Famous Architecture Projects in Nice?

    The Promenade des Anglais is an iconic seafront promenade in Nice, France, while the Marc Chagall National Museum showcases unique architecture. The Monte Carlo Casino exudes opulence in Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum captivates with Neo-Baroque charm, and the Yacht Club de Monaco boasts contemporary design. The Grimaldi Forum is a modern conference hub, and the One Monte-Carlo complex harmonises modernity with urban context. 

    The Tour Odéon’s cylindrical luxury tower offers panoramic views, while the Larvotto area features modern redevelopment along the waterfront. These architectural projects define the distinctive charm and luxury of the region.


    Why Should You Consider Monaco for Your Architecture Project?

    Monaco is different from France despite its proximity. Monaco is a welcoming place for internationals, from families to people in business. The area has some excellent schools, including the International School of Monaco, located in the port of Monaco. 

    Celebrities have been visiting the city-state for years. Formula One drivers, businessmen and musicians call it home for at least part of the year. Jenson Button is a resident, as are Lewis Hamilton, Ringo, Starr, Roger Moore and Bono. The Grimaldi family, famous for their Monaco residences, have used leading interior designers on numerous occasions.

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