Sustainable Interior Design Services in the UK

Sustainable Interior Design Services in the UK

Callender Howorth offers an unparalleled service in sustainable interior architecture in the UK. Our talented team of interior designers will enhance the design of your home by using eco-friendly materials and methods. By implementing integrated design development methodologies and sustainable project management practices, our services positively impact the environment while creating the home of your dreams. Please take a look at our portfolio to see how our sustainable interior design services can transform your residence or commercial property.

Examples of famous sustainable interior architecture in the UK

The UK is home to some of the world’s finest architecture and these days, most of the interiors are designed with green living in mind. Architects and interior designers are constantly looking for ways to minimise their environmental footprint and work in harmony with nature. For example, the “Waste House” as its name suggests is a prototype home built almost exclusively from waste. The award-winning house was built and installed at the University of Brighton in 2014 by hundreds of students. It was constructed using discarded waste such as toothbrushes, bicycle inner tubes and old clothes which were added to its timber frame of plywood and reclaimed wood. The project demonstrated that materials destined for landfill could be used to create viable permanent structures.

The National Trust headquarters in Swindon was designed by sustainable interior architects to make the building one of the most eco-friendly offices in England. Photovoltaic panels on the roof provide 30% of its annual electricity use thereby cutting emissions by 65%.  Water-based paints were used and the rooftop ventilation comes from recycled beer cans. Most impressively, the National Trust stayed true to its brand with innovative ideas such as installing carpets made from the wool of its flocks of Herdwick sheep.

It is these kinds of projects that inspire and inform Callender Howorth’s team of sustainable interior design architects so that we can create the greenest interiors possible.

How can Callender Howorth help make your property more sustainable?

The team at Callender Howorth always puts sustainability at the forefront of our design projects. These principles not only improve the planet but also offer tangible health and financial benefits to people and businesses. Any space can be improved by sustainable interior design practices; from hospitals and offices to holiday homes, all interiors benefit from recycling, upcycling and other methodologies. We source environmentally-friendly textiles, furnishings and other decorative elements.

Part of our sustainable interior design practice involves strengthening the human connection with nature. Callender Howorth does this by improving natural light, incorporating natural materials and creating restorative spaces. These practices offer many health and wellbeing benefits to residents. Our projects aim to minimise waste, energy consumption and pollution.

Our previous interior design projects

Callender Howorth has an extensive portfolio of luxury renovations and redesigns that incorporate sustainable interior design practices. Our London interior designers remodelled a grade II listed home in Hampstead sourcing furniture and art directly from India to make the interior as authentic as possible while adhering to preservation regulations. We also transformed an empty space into a City Penthouse in Shoreditch. Our clients wanted a New York loft atmosphere with lots of natural light and we more than delivered by working with the brickwork already in place and using glass partitions to imbue the space with a modern open plan feel.

If sustainability is important to your project, contact Callender Howorth today to discuss how we can transform your property into the ultimate eco-friendly home.

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