crownwell basements callender howorth basement conversion

Supplier of the Month: Crownwell Basements

August 29, 2016

At Callender Howorth, we strive to help our clients make the most of their homes, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to invigorate an interior design project. In fact, when it comes to bringing a home to life, we believe in starting from the bottom up: enter Crownwell Basements, a valued supplier of Callender Howorth.

crownwell basements callender howorth basement conversion

crownwell basements callender howorth basement conversionAbout Crownwell Basements

Crownwell Basements is a specialist design and build contractor – one that boasts over 20 years of experience in taking what appears to be ‘dead space’ and transforming it into a high-end, luxury extension to your living space.

Experts at fulfilling a basement’s potential, Crownwell look at their clients’ lifestyles and listen closely to their needs before suggesting ideas. It could be a wine cellar for the amateur sommelier, a home spa or gym for the busy executive, a study that provides peace and quiet, or a games room for all the family. The possibilities and ideas from Crownwell Basements are endless. It’s all about thinking outside of the box.

Jacob Puddy, Managing Director, elaborates:

“People tend to be put off by the idea of a dark and dank room, but with modern decor, good insulation and ambient lighting, the basement can become just as warm and inviting as any other room in the house. Even the smallest room can be made to look spacious and designers employ plenty of tricks to make tiny rooms look airy and elegant.”crownwell basements callender howorth basement conversion

What They Offer

From architectural drawings to planning consent, structure reports, heritage statements and listed building consent, the team at Crownwell Basements are on the case from conception to completion. They even offer specialist basement design services that include methodology statements, hydro-geology reporting and flood risk assessments.

It’s practical things like this that can make all the difference. Styling an area is one thing, but it is senseless to install a gym in the basement of a home if the floors can’t absorb the vibrations of a treadmill, and it’s not a good idea to store books and art in a basement if the temperature isn’t conducive to their long-term conservation.

That’s not to say creativity isn’t their strong suit too. From repurposing old items, such as baskets and metal cabinets, for storage, to carefully arranging pieces of art, ergonomic furniture and specifically placed, high-quality lighting, Crownwell Basements excel when it comes to the finishing touches.

crownwell basements callender howorth basement conversion


At Callender Howorth, we pride ourselves on only collaborating with the best of the best. Recent years have seen a surge in popularity of basement renovations, especially in London, with the best UK interior design companies helping to maximise a limited space.

With Crownwell Basements, however, experience long supersedes this current mood for digging. This is a company where extensive knowledge and an innate sense of artistic requirement offer a winning combination – an expert skill set that most definitely runs deep.

Collaborating on many projects with Crownwell Basements, we have transformed many houses by installing basement spaces for the families to enjoy. Does your house have the potential to gain a floor? Contact the friendly team at Callender Howorth to start your home’s transformation.