The Clean Living Consciousness

March 30, 2020

Detox, green, wellbeing, vegan, yoga and mindfulness have become synonymous with the overarching category of clean living.

As this trending lifestyle concept is rapidly growing, the world is certainly giving plenty of compelling reasons to adopt a more conscious based lifestyle centered around the concept of wellbeing.

So what exactly does Clean Living Consciousness really mean?

When we are conscious, we are aware and present in the current moment.  When we are practicing clean living, we are intentionally adapting daily habits and behaviours that are geared to the optimal health of our body, mind and soul.

So what does this actually look like?


Our Inner Home…the wellbeing of our mind.

Adopting a daily meditation practice or dedicating an amount of time each day to get still and quiet the mind.

The benefit is twofold.

Firstly, when we quiet our minds, its serves to recharge our energy. A 15 minute mediation can actually give you ore energy than a 1 hour nap. The second benefit is the ability to reconnect with our inner being.

By quieting the noise in our minds we create the space to receive the messages from the deepest part of ourselves…our soul. This soul centered space is our Inner Home and the safest place we can turn to in any situation. The conscious choices we make from this state of being are decisions based on clarity rather than confusion from an emotional reaction.

Nourishing our Bodies

When we speak of Clean Living, a clean diet is what usually comes to mind. A clean diet is definitely part of clean living, but there is more to it.

The way we eat, the way we prepare food, the way we feel as we eat our food and the way we buy our food.

Using fresh ingredients, preparing or choosing freshly prepared meals while avoiding processed foods, fast food and sugar. Drinking plenty of water instead of soft drinks and limiting the amount of alcohol consumption.

When buying food, choosing locally grown (if possible) organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and responsibly raised eggs, fish and meat (if non-vegan).  Incorporating responsible buying instead of panic buying or hoarding.

Exercising our bodies also nourishes our bodies. Whether you are running, doing yoga/pilates, or HIIT fitness classes, the circulation of oxygen is nourishing your body as well as strengthening your muscles including your heart while ridding the body of stress. Exercise raises our endorphins and dopamine hormone levels which raise the levels of our mental energy and boost positive moods.


Our Outer Home…the wellbeing of our personal living space. 

Our personal living environments reflect the state of our inner home. Cluttered homes reflect cluttered minds. When you’re living space is untidy, cluttered and unorganised, it directly affects your state of being and mood.

Belsize Lane Project by Callender Howorth

By implementing a strategy of sorting out the clutter, ‘one cupboard at a time’, you will be absolutely amazed at how good you will feel. Small decluttering steps lead to big steps in wellbeing.

Our living environments are our refuge from the outside world and provide us with a sense of safety and wellbeing. Our homes are our personal source of inspiration and reflect our individual personalities.

City Penthouse Project by Callender Howorth

Touch upon all the senses.

Incorporating favourite decorative pieces, emotive calming scented candles, lighting, comfortable furniture, art, freshly cut flowers and plants, linens, textiles and colours all come together to create the landscape and feeling of your Home.

Regardless the size of your home, whether a small studio flat or individual house, this is the place where you live, sleep, eat, and for many of us, work. Live/work spaces are a current trend that we can expect to see more of as we have recently experienced with the global pandemic of the coronavirus.

Staying in is the new Going Out!


Our Soul Space…the wellbeing of our consciousness

Our deepest connection to ourselves and the collective universe.

When we tend to our soul space like a garden and give our attention to how we feel and deep dive to why we feel the way we do, we are creating an alignment within ourselves that impacts those around us as well as to the energy of the universe. From that perspective we are able to give meaning and purpose to our lives.

Regardless of your spiritual path or religious beliefs, we are a community of people living on this planet and the energy we give to each other directly affects the energy of the universe. It is for these reasons that as humans we create physical change and transformation of the planet.

People like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela who just by their steadfast values, selfless actions and unbound energy created phenomenal changes in our world. Their connection to the greater good is what fueled their passion that drove their actions thus changing the lives of millions including future generations. A legacy of new consciousness.

With climate change, differing geopolitical landscapes and current global health concerns, a Clean Living Consciousness is a way of keeping us grounded and healthy as we move into unchartered waters in the sea of uncertainty of the next phase of our humanity.