The Wow Factor in Luxury Interior Design

October 12, 2022

Image above: Primrose Hill penthouse by Callender Howorth.

When you walk into a room and feel taken aback by its beauty and sense of wellbeing, what you are responding to is the mood set by the lighting design.

You can have a room filled with beautiful and luxurious furniture and decor, but if the lighting design is not correct, you will not feel the intended energy and experience of the space. In fact, you will feel like something is off, or that it is missing the wow factor.

Regents Park House project by Callender Howorth.

As one of the pillars of interior design, lighting directly affects our senses and our mood. Studies have found that the more intense the light, the more intense emotions are perceived to be. Not only does lighting affect our moods, but directly affects our biorhythm and even our circadian rhythms.

Lighting is what makes us feel safe and relaxed at home, and directly affects our productivity at work. It also links the connection between rooms ensuring a smooth transition from one room to the next.

Heath Drive Hampstead project by Callender Howorth.

Callender Howorth managing director Mark Howorth explains, “Lighting design is such an important element of the interior design process. It is one of the key ways that we create the wow factor with our designs. There are many facets to getting the perfect interior design – and our lighting design team is key to getting the big wow factor that our clients want.

Good lighting design adds the magic that lifts and enhances all of our designs to the next dimension. Whether we are looking to create a cosy reading corner or a multi-function space the same principles are adopted to ensure our projects are delivered to the highest level.”

However, lighting design is a uniquely creative and technical process that requires the vision of  a skilled team that can translate the overall design to produce subtle colours and intensity bringing the design to life.

Photo by London Lightworks.

Our team at London Lightworks are masters of creating the perfect balance for our luxury residential projects which require the utmost highest attention to precision and detail.

Photo by London Lightworks.

Mark Kazer from London Lightworks shares his intentions behind lighting design. “An expertly designed lighting scheme adds another dimension to your space, bringing an interior design project to life. Great lighting creates depth and height, and cosy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas or features of the room.

It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to an interior. Considering a user’s interaction with any given space is so important to how a lighting scene is set to ensure it is comfortable and really portrays the moods we wish to create.”

Country House residential project by Callender Howorth.

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