Commercial Interior Design

    At Callender Howorth, we specialise in transforming commercial and residential spaces in London and the UK with our top-tier renovation and interior design services. Our team, comprised of seasoned interior architects and designers, has built a formidable portfolio in commercial interior design. Whether it’s an office refurbishment or a complete redesign, we’re adept at creating environments that embody your brand’s values and make a lasting impression on your staff and clients.

    We ensure that every space we touch turns into a creative haven that boosts staff retention and impresses every visitor. Trust us to bring a unique edge to your workspace, reflecting excellence in every corner. 


    What Does Commercial Interior Design Mean?

    Commercial interior design in the UK transcends traditional aesthetics, offering a strategic approach to redefining business environments. It’s not just about selecting trendy furniture or eye-catching colour palettes; it’s about crafting a workspace that mirrors your brand’s ethos and energises your team.

    This field optimises space for productivity, collaboration, and innovation. A well-designed commercial space can significantly boost morale, foster a positive work culture, and enhance efficiency. Think ergonomic workstations, collaborative zones, and quiet areas for focused tasks – each element meticulously planned to support and inspire your team.

    Moreover, your workspace is a tangible representation of your brand in today’s competitive market. It’s the first thing clients and partners notice, setting the tone for business relationships. A professionally designed space communicates your company’s professionalism and attention to detail, leaving a lasting impression.

    Commercial interior design in the UK is a vital investment. It’s not just about creating a visually appealing space; it’s about building an environment that embodies your brand, enhances workflow, and makes a statement to everyone who walks through the door. Ready to transform your workspace into a beacon of your business ethos? Let’s embark on this journey together.


    Famous Commercial Premises in London

    London commercial offices come in all shapes and sizes, some in listed buildings and others in newly built 21st-century wonders.

    – The Shard: Towering over London’s skyline, The Shard is Western Europe’s tallest building. Renzo Piano designed this 95-story skyscraper houses offices, world-class restaurants, a hotel, and an observation deck offering breathtaking city views.

    – The Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe): With its distinctive shape, It is one of London’s most recognisable buildings. Designed by Norman Foster, this commercial skyscraper features a unique, energy-efficient design and is prominent in London’s financial district.

    – Lloyd’s Building: Home to the insurance institution Lloyd’s of London, this building is a leading example of radical Bowellism architecture. Its external elevators and stainless steel modules make it a futuristic and iconic structure in the City of London.

    – The Leadenhall Building (The Cheesegrater): This skyscraper, Known colloquially as The Cheesegrater due to its distinctive sloping shape, is another marvel in London’s financial district. It’s known for its innovative design and stands out for its steel framework and expansive glass façade.

    – Canary Wharf: This central business district houses some of the UK’s tallest buildings. It’s a media, banking, and professional services hub, with notable buildings like One Canada Square and the HSBC Tower. Canary Wharf is a symbol of modern development and economic prowess in London.

    Each of these buildings is not just a place of business but a landmark contributing to London’s reputation as a global city of commerce, culture, and architectural innovation.


    Callender Howorth – Commercial Interior Design Projects

    Recently, our team had the privilege of revitalising the London offices of Flamingo International, a dynamic insight and strategy agency known for its vibrant humour and engaging project approach. Our goal was to encapsulate Flamingo’s unique spirit and exciting phase of international expansion.

    Through insightful discussions with the board directors and engaging focus groups, we deeply understood the company’s vision and ambitions. This enabled us to create an interior that truly resonates with the essence of Flamingo International.

    The office now bursts with life, featuring playful, cartoon-style murals and a signature “flamingo pink” hue that flows seamlessly throughout the space. This lively colour scheme can be seen everywhere, from the fun-filled staff breakout area, complete with a pink pool table, to the stylishly appointed boardroom seats.

    Our design reflects Flamingo’s laid-back and humorous approach and fosters a creative and inspiring environment for staff and visitors alike. It’s more than just a workspace; it’s a testament to Flamingo’s unique brand and a vibrant hub for innovation during a crucial period of growth. Let our expertise in bringing brands to life through interior design transform your office into a space representing your business.


    Why Choose Callender Howorth for Your Commercial Interior Design Project?

    We understand that as your business evolves, so too should your workspace. We specialise in transforming office spaces into perfect embodiments of brand and mission. Whether you’re revitalising your current office or transitioning to a larger space, our expertise in commercial interior design ensures that your work environment not only resonates with your brand’s identity but also propels it forward.

    Your office decor powerfully communicates to your clients. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a space that enhances employee productivity and makes them proud representatives of your brand. Our designs are tailored to make a lasting impression on your clients and to foster a sense of pride and loyalty among your employees.

    We prioritise ergonomics in our design for health and safety, ensuring a comfortable and efficient workplace. Our innovative solutions in technology integration and space-saving storage are geared toward optimising your office environment, reducing costs, and enhancing functionality.


    Contact Callender Howorth For Commerical Interior Design

    A commercial redesign with Callender Howorth is more than a facelift for your office; it’s a strategic move towards elevating your brand’s stature in the industry. Our team, comprising skilled consultants, designers, and project managers, is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition, whether redesigning or relocation. Let us help you make your business a standout and trusted name in your field with minimal disruption.

    Please contact our team for help with your commercial interior design project. We are more than happy to come to you to discuss your requirements.

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    Over 20 years’ experience designing award winning homes

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    From clients

    Just want to say a big thank you to everyone at Callender Howorth. We love our new home and you made the whole renovation go so smoothly and finished dot on time for the birth of my daughter! Especially thanks for the quirky design ideas that really have made our new home so special.

    Our villa in the hills of Nice is perfect!!! Thank you all at Callender Howorth. We loved working with you so much and will miss the “rose fuelled” design meetings! Merci Beaucoup