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Favorite home interior design product picks for 2021

As unusual as this year was, staying home indoors revealed how important our interior environments and ambiances are for our overall wellbeing.

For us at Callender Howorth we were busy as ever completing some massive interior design renovation projects and beginning the planning phases for our new projects for 2021.

There were some products and collections that stood out at our team of designers for their style, design, and functionality.

Here are Callender Howorth’s top 10 product picks for 2021.

Bold feminine

Holding the feminine resemblance of a woman’s sihouette, the Chiaro Di Luna armchair designed by Giannela Ventura from Artemest is one of those guaranteed stand out pieces that elevates the sophistication and elegance of the room. The black and white checkered pattern makes gives that Coco Chanel classic feel that contrasts beautifully with other colors in the room.

The Chiaro Di Luna Armchair from Artemest

Strong Minimal Elegance

We are a big fan of Tom Faulkner’s dining tables. We absolutely loved the skilled smart design in the metal work.

The metal base gives the presence of strength and stability, yet the design is simple enough to not be overbearing, and is perfectly complemented with the glass top. It was a great choice for the kitchen in one of our recents projects.

Callender Howorth project.

Styled productivity

Working from home can be so inspiring when you have this 50’s vintage styled Cloud Desk from Julian Chichester!

We love the the worn black vellum and the leather legs with brass rings that are angled in.  The big drawers makes it functional with a boxy vintage feel.

Cloud Desk by Julian Chichester

Subtle Side Table Accents That Work

Side Tables accents bring to life the sofa or lounge chairs in the room.

We love the visual flow of metallic texture with blushing varied pink tones of these LilyPad Nest of Tables from Porto Romana.

These work brilliantly for offsetting soft edges of the sofa and provide a clean and refined design.

Lilypad Nest Side Tables, Trio of Pink Glass

Give some flash with mirrors

Mirrors are a must when trying to bring illumination and a bit of flash to a room.

We love it’s grand dimension and its undulations of the concave structure balanced by the brushed stainless finish of the center convex.

The detailed brilliant punch of the casted brass nugget detail really heightens the reflectivity of this stand out piece.

BRABBU always features such nice and unique mirror selections for any room.

Callender Howorth project.

The Cozy Small Couch

Spacious comfort for one or cozy for two!

We love the small curved Love Sofa from Sofa& Chair for captivating conversation niches or to add depth and distinction to another sofa piece.

Highly versatile.

The Love Sofa from Sofa & Chair.

Ottoman Statements

Ottomans are another favorite piece we love to use in living rooms, especially large living rooms.

The visual texture of ottomans ground the space and keeps it intimate.

Combination ottomans offer a nice dual contrast that is styled and functional.

Callender Howorth project

Distinctive Table Lamps

A distinctive lamp that is inspired by a 1960’s cologne bottle.

We love the Cologne Lamp from Porta Romana for its elements of glass, decayed gold and linen to offset the punch of the brown and pinkish hues of its center.

This is a great piece to accent other gold decorative pieces on your console.

Cologne Lamp from Porta Romana.





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Crafting a family home with visual geometry

What started out 1000 years ago significant of the Gothic and Renaissance periods in Europe as a form of painting, the light of the stained glass continues to permeate the world’s most iconic cathedrals, mosques and landmark cultural buildings today.

A powerful historical art form that through the ages, carries a deep rooted sentiment of inspiration.

It was precisely for this reason we chose this ancient art form storied in captivating visuals as one of the inspirations for one of our latest interior design and renovation projects Belsize Lane in London.

As we set out to completely transform this detached home into a luxurious family home, we wanted to give depth to the concept of the ‘cozy family home’.

Digging deeper into the concepts of what makes a family home a truly cozy special place, we tapped into the idea of a unique story, for every family is a unique story in itself.

The heart of a family lies in their unique story.

We developed these custom stained glass windows using our designs and working alongside a stain glass craftsman.

Our client who is an art dealer was involved in the development process and we spent time with the stain glass company in their studio to perfect our designs into glass.

It’s a fascinating process transforming a graphic image concept into the glass medium. One has to really consider the light and how the glass will look once lit from the sunlight and also how it will look at night.

The different colours, textures and the age of the glass all come into play and is a satisfying experience to create the windows-which in essence become a unique art form in their own right.

A unique piece of their family story that always illuminates their home. The client was delighted with the results and so were we!

You can integrate the subtle presence of unique geometry into your interiors and exteriors in many different ways.

By adding the element of geometric shapes whether symmetrically or asymmetrically, the energy of the ambiance of your space becomes unique to its own.

Whether its floors, closets, art pieces, lighting, wall coverings, geometrical patterns gently creates the individual unique story of your home.

Adding depth, intrinsic character, an energy of its own, geometrical shapes can be cleverly applied even in minimal designs while remaining understated.

As in the case of religious or cultural buildings, visual geometry quietly captivates and keeps us connected to our most personal intimate space, our home.




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Tile Me Pretty: Ten Stunning Floor Tiles

For so long confined to utility spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and outdoor areas, the floor tile is now having its moment in the sun and it is now entirely acceptable to lay tiling in every room in your house, including bedrooms and living rooms. There are some fantastic designers to discover who are having fun using a variety of materials – many at the luxury end of the scale – and experimenting with patterns that range from twists on the traditional to bold and contemporary motives. So much so that, today, the choice of floor tiling can really set the tone for the character of a room. Our only advice – if you choose a statement tile to create your interior flooring designs, make sure it is the stand out feature in the space it occupies. (more…)

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Best in Show: Maison & Objet 2018 Favourites

The Maison & Objet international trade fair, held every January and September in Paris, never fails to conjure up an Aladdin’s cave of interior design wonders – and curiosities – and our trip across the channel to the City of Lights this January proved no exception. After a busy week spent meeting with the talented exhibitors from around the world at the event, the Callender Howorth team of luxury interior designers has returned back to London bursting with inspiration drawn from the imaginative and innovative ideas on exhibit. (more…)

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5 Minutes Well Spent: Discover Dream Kitchen Designs

Kitchens are a fundamental part of home interior design. Not only are they a place to prepare meals, but they are also places to gather family and friends together. Kitchens are utilitarian spaces used for everything from cooking sumptuous dinners to providing venues to catch up on gossip while having a cup of tea with friends. Their design reflects the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle and creates an ambience that fits that of the whole property. The construction and style of the kitchen plays an important part in determining a home’s resale value and should not be overlooked.

As experienced Central London and Hyde Park interior designers, Callender Howorth has a lot of experience designing kitchens. We’ve selected some of our favourite styles and designs.

Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens are an off-the-shelf solution for many homes. Sometimes known as semi-custom kitchens, a modular design enables an architect or homeowner to piece together their own plan. Modular kitchen designs are perfect for optimising storage space by using diversified materials to create an easily adjustable package.

Although the units are prefabricated, they can be of a very high standard and incorporate durable materials such as stainless steel, cherry wood, oak and marble. Every aspect of the kitchen, from the height of the countertops to the inclusion of islands is customisable. Individual components can be replaced if necessary while leaving the rest of your kitchen intact. Our Hyde Park designers filled a client’s Knightsbridge Penthouse kitchen with space-saving storage to maximise the limited space in this chic city apartment.

luxury kitchen designs

Rustic Kitchens

Farmhouse style kitchens offer a bucolic atmosphere and warm ambience. Using heavy woods such as oak give the kitchens an old-world appeal, and can be combined with trendy appliances to keep the kitchen in the modern age. Alternatively, you can install an Aga stove and place a pile of logs in a corner for a cottage effect.

Rustic touches such as beams or old-fashioned tiles really add to the rural vibe, while furniture or chandeliers with wrought iron components, woven baskets and a gingham tablecloth can make all the difference. Our Nice Apartment project has a modern white kitchen but its open layout, original stone wall and ceiling beams give it a semi-rustic feel.

zen design

Sleek and Modern

Modern kitchens give a glossy feel with symmetrical lines and minimal clutter. From ergonomic islands to hidden storage, modern kitchen designs are cutting edge, yet inviting. Our Essex Mansion project involved the design of a stunning contemporary kitchen that fitted the client’s brief of having a modern space, perfect for entertaining. The result was a beautiful kitchen with floor-to-ceiling closed storage, multiple wall ovens and an island with futuristic breakfast bar stools. We used a neutral palette of white and charcoal with a splash of green and marble, stone and solid wood materials.

All White

White doesn’t mean boring! White kitchens are pure and clean and their appearance can easily be adapted with bright kitchen towels, colourful appliances, a patterned fruit bowl, or any other accessory you choose. White kitchens are best when they are kept simple, otherwise they can start to look a bit too “busy” or cheap. Integrated appliances create a seamless look, and natural lighting completes the picture.

Callender Howorth created an all-white kitchen for our City Penthouse project in Shoreditch. The owner was interested in New York loft style apartment and we contrasted the exposed brickwork of the main living space with a dazzling white kitchen. We added full-length light beige coloured cupboards and stools to create contrast with the white countertop and cupboards taking up the kitchen’s main wall and the small, low island.

luxury kitchen designs

If you are interested in Callender Howorth designing the kitchen of your dreams, please contact us.

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Luxury Wardrobe Design

Wardrobes are an essential element of any bedroom’s storage. However, just because they are practical does not mean they have to be boring; in fact, they can become the main feature in a room. From mirrored sliding doors to vintage armoires and walk-in closets, wardrobes offer more than a place to hang your clothes and store bed linen. (more…)

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Hot Fireplaces for Your Luxury Home

As night falls earlier and the evenings get chillier, we’re turning our attention to winter interior design. Fireplaces are arguably as much pieces of art as functional heating appliances in modern homes. They can blend in harmoniously or become an attractive statement piece in any space, but they are always a key element of a home’s decor. Below, we’ve selected some of our favourite fireplace designs.


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The 5 Best Interior Design Instagrammers

As a leading London interior designer, we at Callender Howorth are always on the hunt for the most inspirational looks when it comes to the world of decor. Whether renovating your kitchen or redecorating your bedroom, our designs are unique, creative and innovative in terms of styling. We look for inspiration in a range of places; we use Instagram to stay up to speed with some of the latest designs to emerge from the industry. Here, we’ve selected five Instagram accounts that sill fuel your creativity when it comes to interior design. (more…)

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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Zen in 2017

The concept of Zen originates in the Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism and relates to meditation, relaxation and acceptance of that which cannot be changed. In interior design, the Zen style focuses on creating peaceful energy and a positive atmosphere in your home. The design style has evolved from its Japanese origins to evoke a more universal appeal. Although it doesn’t adhere to strict design rules, famous interior designers usually associate it with minimalism, pure lines and natural colours. We’ve chosen some of our favourite Zen design trends in 2017.


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Luxury Book Shelves: An Underrated Feature for the Home

Bookshelves are one of the most versatile and attractive features in any home. They are often seen as a practical piece of furniture, which they certainly are, but there is so much more to them than just a place to store books. They can become the luxurious focal point of any room or they can be a subtle feature that blends in with the rest of the decor and colour scheme. They come in a variety of sizes, depths and shapes and can even be used as room dividers or walls. We’ve selected a few of our projects to demonstrate the power of bookshelves in luxury interior design.

Subtle Bookshelves

Callender Howorth’s interior renovation of the Exchange Building City Penthouse didn’t skimp on bookshelves; we fitted them as if they were already part of the construction. The project involved the complete renovation of spacious penthouse apartment in the trendy Shoreditch area of London. The client wanted to create a home that replicated the “New York loft”  vibe so we emphasised the large spaces, high ceilings and natural light.

subtle bookshelf

Subtle floor-to-ceiling bookshelves were fitted in the bedrooms blending perfectly with the white colour scheme. They actually became a part of the wall next to the head of the bed on either side and form perfect squares of space to be utilised with books, magazines, ornaments and other decorative features.

Interior design London exchange building callender howorth

Meanwhile, in the living room, the same effect was employed but this time horizontally rather than vertically. We fitted a long yet narrow in breadth two-shelf white bookshelf that ran the length of the windows above it. Again, the shelf is white and seamlessly blends with its background; it is complemented by other neutral and white coloured furniture and walls.

Bold Bookshelves

Our Belsize Park interior design project prominently features bookcases in the living room and dining area. We transformed a dilapidated Victorian house into a dream home for our clients who wanted an eclectic look with Indian influences that would reflect their style and heritage. In fact, a rich brown bookcase was used as a focal point in the living room and takes up a whole wall.

Belsize Park, Hampstead Interior Design

The main bookcase was supplemented by a large bookshelf to create a wall above some discreet storage cupboards in the adjoining dining area and used in a very minimalist way with just one vase despite the presence of five shelves. When combined with an opulent chandelier above a dining table, the effect was a perfect contrast of empty space and detail so that the space feels harmonious, refined and uncluttered.

Similarly, our Nice Apartment project in France included fantastic full-length shelves that took up most of the wall. Framed by floor-to-ceiling cupboards on either side in the same dazzling white as the ceiling and one of the walls to emphasise a feeling of space and light that makes the ceiling seem higher than it actually is. The shelves were very sparingly populated, and the books were actually left elsewhere piled on a dresser to convey an eclectic effect.

Nice apartment, France
If you would like the help of an interior design consultant to advise you on how luxurious bookcases and other items of furniture can transform your home, please contact Callender Howorth.