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5 Minutes Well Spent: Discover Dream Kitchen Designs

Kitchens are a fundamental part of home interior design. Not only are they a place to prepare meals, but they are also places to gather family and friends together. Kitchens are utilitarian spaces used for everything from cooking sumptuous dinners to providing venues to catch up on gossip while having a cup of tea with friends. Their design reflects the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle and creates an ambience that fits that of the whole property. The construction and style of the kitchen plays an important part in determining a home’s resale value and should not be overlooked.

As experienced Central London and Hyde Park interior designers, Callender Howorth has a lot of experience designing kitchens. We’ve selected some of our favourite styles and designs.

Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens are an off-the-shelf solution for many homes. Sometimes known as semi-custom kitchens, a modular design enables an architect or homeowner to piece together their own plan. Modular kitchen designs are perfect for optimising storage space by using diversified materials to create an easily adjustable package.

Although the units are prefabricated, they can be of a very high standard and incorporate durable materials such as stainless steel, cherry wood, oak and marble. Every aspect of the kitchen, from the height of the countertops to the inclusion of islands is customisable. Individual components can be replaced if necessary while leaving the rest of your kitchen intact. Our Hyde Park designers filled a client’s Knightsbridge Penthouse kitchen with space-saving storage to maximise the limited space in this chic city apartment.

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Rustic Kitchens

Farmhouse style kitchens offer a bucolic atmosphere and warm ambience. Using heavy woods such as oak give the kitchens an old-world appeal, and can be combined with trendy appliances to keep the kitchen in the modern age. Alternatively, you can install an Aga stove and place a pile of logs in a corner for a cottage effect.

Rustic touches such as beams or old-fashioned tiles really add to the rural vibe, while furniture or chandeliers with wrought iron components, woven baskets and a gingham tablecloth can make all the difference. Our Nice Apartment project has a modern white kitchen but its open layout, original stone wall and ceiling beams give it a semi-rustic feel.

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Sleek and Modern

Modern kitchens give a glossy feel with symmetrical lines and minimal clutter. From ergonomic islands to hidden storage, modern kitchen designs are cutting edge, yet inviting. Our Essex Mansion project involved the design of a stunning contemporary kitchen that fitted the client’s brief of having a modern space, perfect for entertaining. The result was a beautiful kitchen with floor-to-ceiling closed storage, multiple wall ovens and an island with futuristic breakfast bar stools. We used a neutral palette of white and charcoal with a splash of green and marble, stone and solid wood materials.

All White

White doesn’t mean boring! White kitchens are pure and clean and their appearance can easily be adapted with bright kitchen towels, colourful appliances, a patterned fruit bowl, or any other accessory you choose. White kitchens are best when they are kept simple, otherwise they can start to look a bit too “busy” or cheap. Integrated appliances create a seamless look, and natural lighting completes the picture.

Callender Howorth created an all-white kitchen for our City Penthouse project in Shoreditch. The owner was interested in New York loft style apartment and we contrasted the exposed brickwork of the main living space with a dazzling white kitchen. We added full-length light beige coloured cupboards and stools to create contrast with the white countertop and cupboards taking up the kitchen’s main wall and the small, low island.

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If you are interested in Callender Howorth designing the kitchen of your dreams, please contact us.

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Biggest Kitchen Colour Trends of 2023

In the realm of interior design, few spaces hold as much significance as the kitchen. Beyond its utilitarian function, the kitchen serves as a hub of connection and a focal point within any home. For those who embrace the essence of refined living, the kitchen must exude opulence and modernity, boasting avant-garde design and an impeccable colour palette.

At Callender Howorth, our design philosophy is rooted in the creation of spaces that are not just innovative but also elegantly distinctive. Our expertise extends to crafting kitchens that serve as the architectural heart of a home. Whether you possess a vision of your own or seek the insights of seasoned experts, our team of luxury interior designers possesses the acumen to fulfil your kitchen aspirations. Presented below are a handful of the most current colour trends in kitchen design.

The Beauty of Muted Colours

A prevailing trend in home design that captures attention is the application of muted colours across flooring surfaces. Our Luxury Penthouse project in the charming city of Nice perfectly illustrates this approach. Within the realm of this culinary haven, we made a deliberate choice to embrace rich, dark wooden tones for the floor, a decision that amplifies the room’s innate sophistication. In the kitchen, we opted for rich, dark wooden tones on the floor, a choice that enhances the room’s sophisticated appeal. By incorporating textures like dark oak, granite, and various shades of grey, our designs infuse a natural, authentic touch into the space.

The comforting embrace of these natural elements holds particular significance in today’s complex times. As homes become sanctuaries, offering respite from the outside world, the appeal of materials like wood becomes all the more evident. Wood’s timeless presence in design brings a sense of tranquillity that resonates deeply within us. Its simple elegance envelops spaces in a reassuring calmness.

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Embracing Minimalism

The zenith of luxury kitchens resides in the harmonious marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The Mayfair Mews House Project serves as a testament to this ideology, where we meticulously intertwined design and functionality to craft a truly remarkable culinary space. Within its confines, a minimalist canvas unfolded, exuding an air of openness and sophistication. In our pursuit of minimalism, we embraced a palette of soft hues and pristine whites—a design approach that resonates within this culinary haven. Here, the absence of clutter and excessive ornamentation allows the kitchen’s inherent elegance to shine through.

The surge of streamlined kitchens is ushering in a new era of popularity, guided by the “less is more” mantra. This minimalist philosophy crafts a serene haven adorned with clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Achieving this contemporary allure is refreshingly uncomplicated—prioritising practicality is the key. The magic lies in handpicking high-quality materials and elements that champion functionality and bold aesthetics, embodying the very spirit of minimalism.

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Black & White Contrast

The timeless allure of juxtaposing black and white unfurls an aura of enduring sophistication within the kitchen. Masterfully harmonising these two tones not only imparts a contemporary edge but also sets the stage for vibrant bursts of colour. As the walls, cabinets, surfaces, and flooring are enveloped in this classic embrace, the finer nuances of the kitchen’s design are accentuated. The Belsize Park Penthouse Project serves as a testament to our adeptness in orchestrating this harmonious interplay.

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A Gentle Touch of Colour

Sometimes, a delicate infusion of colour is all that’s needed to invigorate your kitchen space. Introducing muted shades to expansive worktops and islands can imbue the area with personality and character. This artful approach draws attention to focal points of colour, creating a captivating visual dynamic. For an added touch of individuality, consider infusing small hints of colour into fixtures like lighting and decorations. In the elegant design of the Essex Mansion Project‘s kitchen, muted greys coexist in gentle harmony with vibrant accents of green, a juxtaposition that exudes sophistication.

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Timeless Cabinet Colours for Lasting Elegance

When deliberating over the hues for enduring kitchen components—such as cabinets, countertops, and wall paint—opting for neutral shades is a decision that echoes through time. The allure of natural colour palettes stems from their intrinsic versatility and timelessness. These shades transcend the fleeting fads of fashion, ensuring your choices remain eternally relevant. This also presents a prudent choice if you ever decide to place your residence on the market, as neutral tones resonate universally, appealing to potential buyers with diverse tastes.
If the prospect of injecting a splash of colour entices you, yet you shy away from the permanence of vibrant accent walls or audacious pink cabinetry, consider the potential of neutral walls, cupboards, and work surfaces. This blank canvas beckons for experimentation with vibrant accessories and art pieces, serving as a backdrop that evolves with the ever-changing winds of fashion and your personal inclinations. Alternatively, you may find the subtle allure of an unembellished neutral palette, left as it is, to be a tranquil and elegant statement in itself.


The Kitchen Trends Shaping 2023

As we tread into the landscape of 2023, a plethora of kitchen trends emerges, each carrying its unique charm. Among these, wood flooring stands out as a trend to wholeheartedly embrace. Picture wood-effect porcelain tiles, meticulously arranged in a herringbone pattern—these hold immense appeal, particularly for open-plan kitchen extensions that bask in an abundance of natural light.
The infusion of these tiles brings forth a tangible sense of warmth and texture, creating an intimate connection with the space. The beauty lies in their resilience to the sun’s embrace, ensuring they retain their lustre even as they gracefully weather the elements. In addition, their ease of maintenance further solidifies their standing as an exquisite choice for a kitchen that is both inviting and practical—a balance sought after by discerning homeowners in the contemporary era.


Elevate Your Kitchen with Our Expertise

For a kitchen that embodies style, modernity, and creativity, turn to our team of luxury interior designers. With their artistic prowess, they can orchestrate a transformation that resonates with your vision, crafting a culinary haven that’s both functional and aesthetically inspiring. Through a blend of innovative design and impeccable execution, we elevate the kitchen to a realm of exquisite elegance, where every element is meticulously curated to speak the language of understated luxury. Let us accompany you on the journey toward crafting a space that is the embodiment of refined living.

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Insight from Extreme: Three of the Latest Kitchen Gadgets

“It’s not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences.”
– Audre Lorde

Our understanding of design is that it always goes hand in hand with innovation. It feeds into every single interior we create, so we’re always looking out for the latest way to improve a project, whether through technology, as in the Regents Park House project, or through a complete redefining in traditional space, as in the Commercial HQ project. Our trusted partners, Extreme Design – who offer a premium and bespoke service – shares the premise that no two designs should be the same. The company, who are based in Barnes, Gerrards Cross and Sunningdale and have been designing beautiful living spaces for a decade, celebrate their clients’ differences by focussing on that all-important current buzzword: personalisation. (more…)

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5 Decisions to Make When Planning a Kitchen Island

In many homes, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. The place where the family gathers; an area in which we socialise with guests; the place where meals are shared, laughs are had and memories are made. A central feature in luxury kitchens of today, islands are fast becoming an fundamental request for interior designers when designing dream kitchens. They bring style and functionality to a kitchen, dramatically transforming the space into an area which is a pleasure to prepare, consume and even discuss food. But before you become deserted on your island – stranded with an impractical eyesore – take a long, hard think about these five key factors:

  • Practically speaking, do you have space for an island?

If so, how bit should you make it? Remember, it’s easy to get carried away – short-sighted by the prospect of all that extra cooking space. Be realistic. Your island will look out of place, and your place will look smaller, if the structure is too large. Take the shape of the room into consideration to maximise the space of, and around, the island.

  • Will the island be a space for socialising or just cooking?

As previously discussed, the kitchen is often an integral area in which the family congregates. Do you want your island to be incorporated into this socialising space? Or will it be reserved for the preparation of food? If you decide that there is enough space to make it a socialising feature, you will probably want to integrate a seating area into the island. This is an addition aspect of the design.

5 Decisions to Make When Planning a Kitchen Island

  • What’s the best type of worktop for an island?

Again, don’t be short-sighted when it comes to the uses of the island. It will be used as a space to prepare food. Accordingly, the choice of worktop is an important decision to make. It may be worth opting for a surface that will not easily mark, such as stainless steel or granite.

  • Will it house appliances? Do you want a sink?

It is possible to integrate appliances into islands, which saves space, looks great and often eases the cooking process. Which appliances would you appreciate in the feature? Will they integrate seamlessly? Will you hide the appliances under the worktop? These are all questions that need to be considered. This brings us onto the option of a sink. Many cooks would relish the option of installing an extra sink. Might this feature appeal to you?


5 Decisions to Make When Planning a Kitchen Island 5

  • Do you want an overhead extractor?

Finally, but by no means conclusively, you might consider installing an overhead extractor above the island. This will enable it to feature a hob, or another food preparation appliance, but it may change the feel of the space. Consult with your interior designer to make the most of the option.

5 Decisions to Make When Planning a Kitchen Island 2

These five points by no means exhaust the considerations that should go into the planning phase. If you are installing an island into your kitchen, seek the help of UK interior designers, Callender Howorth. We can advise you on how best to make these decisions. In no time at all, you could transform your kitchen into your dream space with one simple feature.

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Three of the Latest Kitchen Gadgets

In any home the kitchen is key. Whether you have family, or are simply an entertainer by nature, the kitchen is often the hub of the house and brings people together, combining a place to eat with a place to socialise. When creating interior designs for our clients, we focus on delivering outstanding finishes and introducing useful, ingenious tools to utilise the space and deliver optimum results.

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