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Exploring the Latest Kitchen Gadgets and Design Trends for 2023

“It’s not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences.”
– Audre Lorde

At Callender Howorth, our approach to interior design has always been synonymous with innovation. We believe that design should continually evolve, integrating the latest technology and trends to enhance every project. Whether it’s incorporating cutting-edge tech in projects like the Regents Park House or redefining traditional spaces as seen in the Commercial HQ project, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Collaborating with our trusted partners, Extreme Design, a premium bespoke service provider based in Barnes, Gerrards Cross, and Sunningdale, we share a common philosophy: no two designs should be the same.

In today’s world, personalisation is a prevailing trend, with brands offering tailored products to customers. Extreme Design takes this concept further by delving into their clients’ cherished memories and experiences, infusing them into the very essence of their living spaces. From colours and materials to furniture forms, their design celebrates individuality in all its facets.

As a creative means of personalising projects, the latest advancements in kitchen gadgets can seamlessly integrate into furniture, surfaces, and living spaces. Here, Extreme Design provides insights into three of the most cutting-edge kitchen gadgets that are poised to revolutionise both design and lifestyle in 2023: (more…)

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5 Contemporary Basement Conversion Ideas for 2023

Basements, often overlooked and underutilised, have untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. These subterranean spaces have evolved beyond mere storage zones and can be transformed into versatile havens, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. In collaboration with Crownwell Basements, a leading design and build contractor specialising in high-end basement conversions, we present five cutting-edge basement conversion ideas that redefine these underground realms. With the right vision and creativity, your basement can become a hub of innovation and functionality.

Crownwell Basements Callender Howorth1. Utility & Storage Redefined

Begin with practicality. Relocate your washing machine and laundry area to the basement, liberating space on your main floor while ensuring a quieter living environment. The surplus storage space can safely house luggage, seasonal gear, and even a safe or gun cabinet. Embrace the cool, consistent temperatures of the basement by creating a wine cellar or a sleek bar to escape the summer heat—a space that effortlessly combines function with style.

2. Family/Media/Games Haven

Maximise your basement’s potential as an entertainment hub for family and friends. Outfit it with a widescreen TV or a home cinema setup, gaming consoles, and a music system. For larger spaces, consider adding ping pong or pool tables. Repurpose vintage items for storage, install shelves for books and board games, and adorn the walls with art for a touch of colour. Create a playful and inviting atmosphere with comfy beanbags or classic armchairs, ensuring that your basement becomes the preferred gathering spot.
Crownwell Basements Callender Howorth

3. Wellness Oasis/Spa/Gym

Incorporate a wellness area into your basement sanctuary, featuring steam rooms, saunas, or even fully equipped gyms and swimming pools with underwater running machines. The naturally cool basement environment lends itself to creating the ultimate space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Ensure sound-proofing to optimise the gym experience, taking advantage of the basement’s concrete floors that absorb vibrations from exercise equipment.

crownwell basements callender howorth4. Study/Home Office/Library

Elevate your productivity by transforming the basement into a serene study, a home office, or a library. This versatile space provides an ideal setting for focused work, quiet reading, and organised storage for books and art collections. Escape distractions from the bustling household and create a defined workspace with ergonomic furniture, uplifting decor, and high-quality lighting, ensuring an environment conducive to concentration.

crownwell basements callender howorth

5. Guest Bedroom/Playroom

Convert your basement into a welcoming guest bedroom or a vibrant playroom. Modern decor, effective insulation, and ambient lighting can dispel the notion of a dark and unwelcoming space. Even small basements can be designed to feel spacious and inviting. A basement guest room is a valuable addition for accommodating family and friends, while a dedicated play area for kids offers a safe and entertaining space to explore and mingle. Features like chalkboard walls and rugs add fun and educational elements, keeping the rest of the house clean and organised.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your basement? Contact us to discuss your basement design dreams and embark on a journey of transformation. With over 25 years of experience, the Callender Howorth team is ready to deliver exceptional design tailored to your needs.

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Personality in Luxury

The one element that threads together the design of your home is your personality.

Personality is our essential character, a collection of characteristics that reveal our story.

When you enter a room, the projection of this interpretation is immediately felt. Simply put…personality is the energetic pizzaz of the room.

But in luxury, how is personality expressed? Before we can speak about this relationships, we nee to examine what luxury really means.

Callender Howorth designed a custom glass globe chandelier for their recent residential transformation project of a neo-Georgian country home in Buckinghamshire.

If you were to ask Franca Sozzani, the director of Vogue and iconic expert in luxury in fashion, she defines it in her recent blog post as, “Luxury is research, the chance to experience new routes, to find new and not predictable or already seen solutions. Experimentations are luxury.”

Perhaps it is the aspect of freedom that plays on our sensibilities of luxury.

The luxury of creating something that is not tethered to any boundary or restriction in its creation be it simple or complex. The freedom of a complete expression that is special and unique. The freedom of personality.

Callender Howorth blended a touch of Indian influence in their Heath Drive Hampstead project in honour of their clients heritage.

Just because something is symbolically “rich” does not necessarily mean its luxury. And vice versa.

Sozzani poignantly asserts “Because today luxury involves exclusiveness, nearly uniqueness, and not because it is addressed to few people, because it’s special instead.”

And we completely agree with this perspective.. Luxury is special.

The intention, sensitivity, commitment and dedication to creating something so unique and special is luxury.

So when we think about personality in relation to luxury, we can deduce that personality is the inherent dimension of its uniqueness. It is the essence from which the creation is based on. And the luxury resides in how perfectly that essence is revealed.

From Georgia O’kkeefe’s Ghost Ranch in New Mexico

If you think of a luxury adobe home in New Mexico, Georgia Okeefe naturally comes to mind. The space is focused on the uplifting serenity of the spaces reflecting the natural beauty and spiritual energy of wellness embedded in this red rock region.

A luxury based on the essence of how the native Americans lived with organic earthen walls and flat roofs with vigas (round roof beams) for more than 1,000 years. The personality of an ancient and revered culture for its natural simplicity.

As we spend more time at home these days, its important to take a glance at our own homes to see what our personal space is conveying about ourselves.

Does it reflect our own uniqueness? Our passions? Our essence? Our heritage?

Because honouring our personality is the one luxury we can all afford.



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Luxury Book Shelves: An Underrated Feature for the Home

Bookshelves are one of the most versatile and attractive features in any home. They are often seen as a practical piece of furniture, which they certainly are, but there is so much more to them than just a place to store books. They can become the luxurious focal point of any room or they can be a subtle feature that blends in with the rest of the decor and colour scheme. They come in a variety of sizes, depths and shapes and can even be used as room dividers or walls. We’ve selected a few of our projects to demonstrate the power of bookshelves in luxury interior design.

Subtle Bookshelves

Callender Howorth’s interior renovation of the Exchange Building City Penthouse didn’t skimp on bookshelves; we fitted them as if they were already part of the construction. The project involved the complete renovation of spacious penthouse apartment in the trendy Shoreditch area of London. The client wanted to create a home that replicated the “New York loft”  vibe so we emphasised the large spaces, high ceilings and natural light.

subtle bookshelf

Subtle floor-to-ceiling bookshelves were fitted in the bedrooms blending perfectly with the white colour scheme. They actually became a part of the wall next to the head of the bed on either side and form perfect squares of space to be utilised with books, magazines, ornaments and other decorative features.

Interior design London exchange building callender howorth

Meanwhile, in the living room, the same effect was employed but this time horizontally rather than vertically. We fitted a long yet narrow in breadth two-shelf white bookshelf that ran the length of the windows above it. Again, the shelf is white and seamlessly blends with its background; it is complemented by other neutral and white coloured furniture and walls.

Bold Bookshelves

Our Belsize Park interior design project prominently features bookcases in the living room and dining area. We transformed a dilapidated Victorian house into a dream home for our clients who wanted an eclectic look with Indian influences that would reflect their style and heritage. In fact, a rich brown bookcase was used as a focal point in the living room and takes up a whole wall.

Belsize Park, Hampstead Interior Design

The main bookcase was supplemented by a large bookshelf to create a wall above some discreet storage cupboards in the adjoining dining area and used in a very minimalist way with just one vase despite the presence of five shelves. When combined with an opulent chandelier above a dining table, the effect was a perfect contrast of empty space and detail so that the space feels harmonious, refined and uncluttered.

Similarly, our Nice Apartment project in France included fantastic full-length shelves that took up most of the wall. Framed by floor-to-ceiling cupboards on either side in the same dazzling white as the ceiling and one of the walls to emphasise a feeling of space and light that makes the ceiling seem higher than it actually is. The shelves were very sparingly populated, and the books were actually left elsewhere piled on a dresser to convey an eclectic effect.

Nice apartment, France
If you would like the help of an interior design consultant to advise you on how luxurious bookcases and other items of furniture can transform your home, please contact Callender Howorth.

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Top Drawer 2017 Review

Top Drawer 2017

Top Drawer, Olympia, London. Photo credit: Top Drawer Twitter

The Top Drawer Trade Show takes place twice a year at Olympia – London’s most beautiful exhibition venue. Top Drawer’s 2017 Spring Show took place on 15-17th January and showcased beautiful, design-led and innovative products from both established and new exhibitors. The event includes six categories to view including Home, Gift, Craft, Food, Fashion and ‘Spotted’ (new talent). Products like home decorations, storage, stationery and travel accessories take centre stage at the three-day trade fair. It attracts London interior designers who find inspiration in the fantastic array of products being launched, sold and displayed. And this year’s exhibition didn’t disappoint, so we’ve selected some of our favourite displays.


Obviously, home is our favourite section. From interior accessories to furniture and lighting, Top Drawer finds the best exhibitors to display an exceptional array of international brands and must-have pieces. We’ve long enjoyed the work of Above & Beyond’s striking minimalist and monochrome designs, particularly their ‘Between the Lines’ cushion. It’s made from 100% cotton and comes with a range of different coloured backs. Their range currently includes plates, tea towels, cushions, pillow cases and prints. Bob Crooks: First Glass also caught our eye. The company specialises in handmade decorative and functional glassware, from scent bottles to large scale bespoke pieces including lighting and mirrors.

Top Drawer 2017

Bob Crooks: First Glass. Photo credit: Top Drawer/ Bob Crooks


Cult British interiors brand Mini Moderns celebrate their 10th anniversary this year with a home fragrance and travel wash bag collection. The Festival of Lights Scented Candle Collection celebrates four of Mini Moderns’ classic print designs (full of clean lines and retro patterns) with a set of heaven-scented candles. We also love Hill House Design’s beautiful handmade lampshades that vary in size from small bedside lamps to oversized central pendants. Some of Home’s other exclusive exhibitors include Design Letters & Friends, Lauren Dickinson Clarke, Claribel London, Skagerak and Bluebellgray.

Top Drawer 2017

This ‘Abstract Print Grey & Ivory Placemat’ is an example of Claribel London’s beautiful homeware products. Photo credit: Claribel London/Top Drawer

Food Emporium

The popular Food Emporium made a return to the show and this time it was bigger than ever. More than 80 artisans and producers sold ‘giftable’ food products, from sweet treats like iced biscuits to condiments and seasonal treats. Ross & Ross Food brought along their home curing kits and BBQ condiments and Ace Tea London displayed a selection of their 100% natural teas that can be enjoyed hot, iced or mixed in cocktails. Other exhibitors included Anglesey Sea Salt, Hawkshead Relish Company, Makers & Merchants and Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate.

Top Drawer 2017 interior design

Sample Ace Tea London’s flavourful teas with great taste and stunning aesthetics. Photo credit: Ace Tea London/ Top Drawer

Spotted at Top Drawer

‘Spotted’ at Top Drawer celebrates new British talent and has helped over 40 businesses make their trade show debut. This is the section to come to if you’re interested in discovering future design stars. Some highlights include Kent-based Denys & Fielding’s bright, bold deckchairs, with matching indoor/outdoor cushions and accessories for the garden or even your balcony.

Top Drawer 2017

Relax outside with a stylish Denys & Fielding Classic Deckchair. Photo credit: Denys & Fielding/Top Drawer

Continuing the country lifestyle theme, Tally Ho Interiors use British materials and motifs to create fabulous fabrics, lampshades and cushions. Fortunately, there is an abundance of talent in the UK and it can be scoped out at Top Drawer’s Spotted where modernist homewares harmoniously share exhibition space with filigree jewellery and handmade candles.

Callender Howorth strives to keep up with current trends in design since we never know what amazing new trend or idea will influence us to produce truly unique interior design projects.


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Walk In Wardrobes: How To Get Them Right

luxury renovation Callender Howorth walk in wardrobe

Have you always wanted a walk in wardrobe? A space that is beautifully designed with you in mind? A dedicated area that will house all your clothes and accessories? Installing a walk in wardrobe beings many benefits to your home and can transform your lifestyle. As a team, we ensure that our design projects use space as effectively as possible, and that they are tailored to your needs and your desires. There are certain decisions to make, along with the help of your interior stylist, when planning your walk in wardrobe: (more…)

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Once again the Clerkenwell Design Week was incredible, justifying its claim to be the UK’s most popular independent design festival. It gets larger and better every year – 35,414 visitors attended in 2015, but it seems that 2016 attracted even more visitors. Visitors and exhibitors convene from all over the world to exchange inspiration and witness the latest design trends. Running between 24th and 26th May, the exhibition displayed the best in design from furniture to cars, and an array of other products. Many, many brands showcased their latest designs at the Clerkenwell Design Week 2016, which comprised showroom events, exhibitions, live talks, workshops and installations. Our interior design services are enhanced by the inspiring things we see, and hear, at events like this. Here are a few of our favourite finds:

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

KUFCakes, ornamental cake sculptures by all round-creative Kia Utzon-Frank.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Giles Miller Studio. Made using British Ceramic Tiles transfixing waves with identical small-square tiles. The effect is mesmerising.


Geometric ‘Gemma’ sofa range by Daniel Libeskind. This feature sofa perfects the contemporary look of this room, showcasing the best of experimental design.

Clerkenwell design week Callender Howorth

‘The Church’ – a collaboration between Tom Dixon and Andrew Baughen. The unusual lighting makes this room truly unique.

Callender howorth

Tom Dixons product in a 17th century church. We love the contrast between the traditional and the modern.

Clerkenwell design week Callender Howorth

Yenchenyawen design studio’s ‘Landscape of Oxidation’, exploring the different results of copper patination and iron oxidation of jesmonite, inspired by the Japanese pottery restoration technique of ‘kintsugi,’ using gold to mend them together and create a new style.

Clerkenwell design week Callender Howorth

The diverse talents on show at the Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 was nothing short of breathtaking. This pays homage to the city of London as being one of the design capitals of the world.

As interior designers in London, our services need to be dynamic and adaptable. Viewing the latest interior architectural trends enables us to stay imaginative with our work. Please contact our dedicated team to discuss the design possibilities for your residential or commercial space.

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Reflecting on Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan

The biggest names in furniture design descended upon Milan for the 54th Salone Internazionale del Mobile. The annual Milan Furniture Fair showcases the latest innovations in international furniture and design from the very best luxury interior designers. The event took place on 12th-17th April 2016 and encompassed everything from lighting to specialist home furnishings. This year, Salone del Mobile celebrated the biennial Eurocucina exhibition with 120 international brands who displayed their quality kitchen products spread out over 23,000 square metres. It also dedicated time to emerging talent under the age of 35-years-old who exhibited their work at the 19th edition of Satellite, a popular secondary exhibit.

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The week-long event is really the place to be for interior architects and design enthusiasts. From offsite events and installations to product presentations and launches, Salone del Mobile does not disappoint. We’ve selected a few of our favorite pieces that were exhibited at the 2016 trade fair.

1.The Shoe Tree – Beatrix Ong and Samuel Chan

Wallpaper* magazine’s ‘Handmade’ exhibition is always one of the fair’s highlights. This year, British shoe designer Beatrix Ong MBE and Samuel Chan, founder of the artisan collective Joined and Jointed, collaborated to bring the ‘Shoe Tree’ to Milan. It’s a moveable and flexible tower of American black walnut shoeboxes which tackles the problem of shoe storage in an aesthetically pleasing way. The Shoe Tree comprise 15 shoe boxes that rise upwards with each box containing a small window so you can glimpse the shoes inside. Samuel Chan commented that “Boxes are intriguing; they hold surprises and invite discovery. They are also useful…Beatrix wanted to express this combination of intrigue and utility.”

2. “Reality or Illusion?” – Foscarini

Lighting brand Foscarini are always innovative and stylish and this year they brought more food for thought to the Salone del Mobile. Enlisting designer/architect Ferruccio Laviani to experiment with size and scale in a graphic world, the team created colourful illusions aided by oversized Foscarini lamps. It was a real ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience.

3. The Butler – David Chipperfield

Another interesting design from the Wallpaper* Handmade section was David Chipperfield Architects contribution to this year’s theme of ‘Travel’. It was designed to deal with the reality of unpacking in hotels. David Chipperfield described his inspiration: “Most hotels have badly designed wardrobes and cupboards. They are not well organised and unpacking your suitcase is not enjoyable. The idea of Butler was to design a ‘dressing table’ that makes unpacking in a hotel room a joy.” His team collaborated with furniture-makers e15 and the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) to use American willow in creating the bespoke piece of furniture that makes unpacking enjoyable and convenient.

4. Run Tables – Emeco

In these space-deprived and community-oriented times, people often share the same surfaces for different activities. With this in mind, London studio Industrial Facility created an aluminium and ash table, bench and shelf system for American brand Emeco. The design was based on communal space, and Industrial Facility’s co-founder Sam Hecht described his inspiration,  “The way we use tables is changing; we could be having a conversation or a meal and someone could be sat next to us working on their laptop, and we wouldn’t feel it’s weird.” The collection comprises a shelving unit, a table and a bench, which feature plank-like surfaces available in either anodised aluminium or three types of wood.

Salone del Mobile Milan

This year’s Salone del Mobile was one of the most successful yet and there was plenty of inspiration available to interior architects and designers. Contact Callender Howorth to discuss your interior design requirements.

Images courtesy of Salone Milano.

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Biggest Kitchen Colour Trends of 2023

In the realm of interior design, few spaces hold as much significance as the kitchen. Beyond its utilitarian function, the kitchen serves as a hub of connection and a focal point within any home. For those who embrace the essence of refined living, the kitchen must exude opulence and modernity, boasting avant-garde design and an impeccable colour palette.

At Callender Howorth, our design philosophy is rooted in the creation of spaces that are not just innovative but also elegantly distinctive. Our expertise extends to crafting kitchens that serve as the architectural heart of a home. Whether you possess a vision of your own or seek the insights of seasoned experts, our team of luxury interior designers possesses the acumen to fulfil your kitchen aspirations. Presented below are a handful of the most current colour trends in kitchen design.

The Beauty of Muted Colours

A prevailing trend in home design that captures attention is the application of muted colours across flooring surfaces. Our Luxury Penthouse project in the charming city of Nice perfectly illustrates this approach. Within the realm of this culinary haven, we made a deliberate choice to embrace rich, dark wooden tones for the floor, a decision that amplifies the room’s innate sophistication. In the kitchen, we opted for rich, dark wooden tones on the floor, a choice that enhances the room’s sophisticated appeal. By incorporating textures like dark oak, granite, and various shades of grey, our designs infuse a natural, authentic touch into the space.

The comforting embrace of these natural elements holds particular significance in today’s complex times. As homes become sanctuaries, offering respite from the outside world, the appeal of materials like wood becomes all the more evident. Wood’s timeless presence in design brings a sense of tranquillity that resonates deeply within us. Its simple elegance envelops spaces in a reassuring calmness.

kitchen design Callender howorth

Embracing Minimalism

The zenith of luxury kitchens resides in the harmonious marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The Mayfair Mews House Project serves as a testament to this ideology, where we meticulously intertwined design and functionality to craft a truly remarkable culinary space. Within its confines, a minimalist canvas unfolded, exuding an air of openness and sophistication. In our pursuit of minimalism, we embraced a palette of soft hues and pristine whites—a design approach that resonates within this culinary haven. Here, the absence of clutter and excessive ornamentation allows the kitchen’s inherent elegance to shine through.

The surge of streamlined kitchens is ushering in a new era of popularity, guided by the “less is more” mantra. This minimalist philosophy crafts a serene haven adorned with clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Achieving this contemporary allure is refreshingly uncomplicated—prioritising practicality is the key. The magic lies in handpicking high-quality materials and elements that champion functionality and bold aesthetics, embodying the very spirit of minimalism.

Kitchen design callender howorth

Black & White Contrast

The timeless allure of juxtaposing black and white unfurls an aura of enduring sophistication within the kitchen. Masterfully harmonising these two tones not only imparts a contemporary edge but also sets the stage for vibrant bursts of colour. As the walls, cabinets, surfaces, and flooring are enveloped in this classic embrace, the finer nuances of the kitchen’s design are accentuated. The Belsize Park Penthouse Project serves as a testament to our adeptness in orchestrating this harmonious interplay.

Kitchen design callender howorth

Image copyright Nicholas Yarsley (Wizzwam ltd).

A Gentle Touch of Colour

Sometimes, a delicate infusion of colour is all that’s needed to invigorate your kitchen space. Introducing muted shades to expansive worktops and islands can imbue the area with personality and character. This artful approach draws attention to focal points of colour, creating a captivating visual dynamic. For an added touch of individuality, consider infusing small hints of colour into fixtures like lighting and decorations. In the elegant design of the Essex Mansion Project‘s kitchen, muted greys coexist in gentle harmony with vibrant accents of green, a juxtaposition that exudes sophistication.

kitchen design callender howorth


Timeless Cabinet Colours for Lasting Elegance

When deliberating over the hues for enduring kitchen components—such as cabinets, countertops, and wall paint—opting for neutral shades is a decision that echoes through time. The allure of natural colour palettes stems from their intrinsic versatility and timelessness. These shades transcend the fleeting fads of fashion, ensuring your choices remain eternally relevant. This also presents a prudent choice if you ever decide to place your residence on the market, as neutral tones resonate universally, appealing to potential buyers with diverse tastes.
If the prospect of injecting a splash of colour entices you, yet you shy away from the permanence of vibrant accent walls or audacious pink cabinetry, consider the potential of neutral walls, cupboards, and work surfaces. This blank canvas beckons for experimentation with vibrant accessories and art pieces, serving as a backdrop that evolves with the ever-changing winds of fashion and your personal inclinations. Alternatively, you may find the subtle allure of an unembellished neutral palette, left as it is, to be a tranquil and elegant statement in itself.


The Kitchen Trends Shaping 2023

As we tread into the landscape of 2023, a plethora of kitchen trends emerges, each carrying its unique charm. Among these, wood flooring stands out as a trend to wholeheartedly embrace. Picture wood-effect porcelain tiles, meticulously arranged in a herringbone pattern—these hold immense appeal, particularly for open-plan kitchen extensions that bask in an abundance of natural light.
The infusion of these tiles brings forth a tangible sense of warmth and texture, creating an intimate connection with the space. The beauty lies in their resilience to the sun’s embrace, ensuring they retain their lustre even as they gracefully weather the elements. In addition, their ease of maintenance further solidifies their standing as an exquisite choice for a kitchen that is both inviting and practical—a balance sought after by discerning homeowners in the contemporary era.


Elevate Your Kitchen with Our Expertise

For a kitchen that embodies style, modernity, and creativity, turn to our team of luxury interior designers. With their artistic prowess, they can orchestrate a transformation that resonates with your vision, crafting a culinary haven that’s both functional and aesthetically inspiring. Through a blend of innovative design and impeccable execution, we elevate the kitchen to a realm of exquisite elegance, where every element is meticulously curated to speak the language of understated luxury. Let us accompany you on the journey toward crafting a space that is the embodiment of refined living.

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Supplier of the Month: SLS Builders

At Callender Howorth we take great pride in working with the best partners available for each project we take on. Knowing how to put together the right team to bring a property to life is a skill in itself and something that takes all the experience and expert knowledge of our staff. Specialist high-end refurbishment firm, SLS Builders Limited, has proved to be a valuable asset to our luxury interior designers in recent projects.

SLS Builders Callender Howorth (more…)